Sunday, June 26, 2011

Friend ...

I love this.

Doreen gave it to me last night before we headed out for a night on the town. She saw it while away on a trip, thought of me, and bought it. Which is just exactly like her. She is always thinking of other people, always mindful of things they might like, even people she hardly knows. She is exceeding thoughtful. And an exceedingly good giver of gifts. (Which is an art form. Truly.)

Because her gifts always come with a meaning, a message. She does not buy gifts for gifting's sake. Every gift she gives is an embodiment of love.

Doreen is one of my dearest friends and surely one of my most ardent supporters. Her belief in me never wavers, even when it wavers wildly on my own. For my 40th birthday, she gave me a cheering box, a box that erupts in applause when it is opened, because she knows that some days, I need a little boost.

And so yesterday's gift, while unexpected, came as no surprise. It is just the latest nudge down my path, another reminder to do what I know I am meant to do, however I am meant to do it.

I love that the "C" seems imperfect, too heavy, a different font. As though the artist started stamping this little bit of ceramic, which feels like a small bar of well-worn soap in my hands, and then thought of characters she'd rather use. But she didn't scrap the piece. She just kept going.

That is a lesson I need to really learn. I stop too easily, too frequently, to start over. My perfectionism is silly that way. If I make a mistake when addressing an envelope, I throw it away. If I hit a wrong note in a song, I want to take it from the top. Years ago, when I read for CRIS Radio, I never recorded all the stories in a given folder because each time I flubbed, I'd start over again. Until the day the engineer told me that it was OK to make a mistake, that it was more important for callers to be able to access all the stories. And then I eventually read stories live on the air and at that point, well, I had to just keep reading. I had no choice.

I am so very grateful to have such kind people in my life. Doreen and a host of others, cheerleaders without the embarrassment of pleated skirts and sweater vests. Friends who are always standing by, wanting what is best for me, knowing I can do more, giving my hand an encouraging squeeze.

Create, indeed.

I love this.

And Doreen, I love you.


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