Saturday, April 23, 2011

One Thing Leads To Another ...

I've been itching to paint.

Since I've lived in this house, only the guest room has been painted more than once, which is odd, because that's the room that gets the least use. But I can see a sliver of it from the living room, so when I first moved in, my mom and I painted it a pale, buttery yellow. And then I tired of that and I painted it a color Benjamin Moore calls Soft Pumpkin. And then I remembered that I really don't like orange and wondered why I thought it was a good idea to paint an entire room that color, so I painted it yet again, Roasted Sesame Seed, which is much more mustard than tahini and that's the color that stuck. I like it. It's warm, golden.

But my living room is the room I'm itching to paint. Unlike many, I actually do some living in my living room. I sit in my comfy chair most mornings and sip too much coffee and make my morning laptop rounds and occasionally, I even write. Like now.

And one day, I was sitting here and looked up and noticed, really noticed, the preponderance of beige in this room, and as I do believe I wrote in another post about just this topic, "I never realized I was so boring."

So I stared at the wall and thought about colors and arrived at "grey." Because I was thinking about buying a grey couch to replace the love seat that's given me oh so many years of service, but it seemed more logical and economical to paint walls instead, so I padded on over to where I store my paint-chip stash and flipped through the grey options and arrived at Steel Wool.

I only use Benjamin Moore paint (this is not a paid endorsement, I just really love Benjamin Moore paint; painting with it is like painting with cake batter) and this swatch is from the Benjamin Moore site, though it may not be entirely true, what with monitor calibration. ... Indeed, I've just held up the paint chip to my screen and yup, they don't match, but you get the idea. I'm thinking of a medium grey.

I had the paint chip stuck to the wall in this room for a while – I have a knack for picking paint colors from little chips; none of that two-shades-lighter business for me – and then thought that perhaps the color was too dark, what with this room having an eastern exposure, but this morning, I decided that it was a good idea after all, and that I could finish my coffee and take a shower and zip to the paint store and have them mix up a gallon and I could come home, tape off, paint, and voila! New space!

And then I kept thinking.


What about the trim?

I have oak trim throughout this house. I have oak floors so oak trim makes sense. But Steel Wool next to oak? Not so much. Which means I'd have to paint the trim. Not a big deal. I'm not one of those people who thinks every single thing made of wood can never be covered with paint. So I wouldn't mind painting the millwork around the windows and doors. But what about the baseboards? I'd have to paint the baseboards. And then, where do I stop painting the baseboards? Do I end up painting all the baseboards in the house? No thank you. And what about the doors? I have really gorgeous salvaged, single-panel oak doors that I have no desire to cover with paint, and I've seen painted trim around natural doors and I think that looks odd.

So, for the moment, the Steel Wool plan is on hold. Which is a pity, because I really love the color.

Then again, I've only painted my bathroom once. Maybe I should paint my bathroom instead.


Anonymous Diane said...

Oh Beth, I can SO relate to this dilemma and I would love for someone to weigh in with advice for us! I have stained oak trim as well but it seems so many beautiful wall colors I choose just don't look right with the trim. I'm also not opposed to painting the trim white, but oh where do I start and stop with such a daunting project!??

By the way, I work for a company that manufactures paint. Our marketing department names all of our colors and I have a lovely blue paint swatch named for my youngest daughter, Annabella.

11:59 AM  

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