Saturday, April 30, 2011

Makes Beth Happy, Bonus! ...

This morning, I looked at this vase and thought, "I really need to get some flowers." Look what just arrived!

And later ...

In the evening light – the gloaming, one of my favorite words – the color of the petals is more true. The daylight renders them more blue in a photograph, but they're more a shade of purple. You can also see part of the iris stained-glass window hanging behind the antique lace panels which have a somewhat iris-like motif to them. (But I use them because for their family history, not for the motif.) If it isn't yet clear, irises are my favorite flower. Both the stained glass and the blooms are from my mother. Because she's very thoughtful that way.

Oh, and the woman in the photograph is my great-grandmother on my father's side. I never knew her, but when I saw this photograph, I had to have it. Is she not the cutest grandmotherly woman you've ever seen?

Here, let's give her a close-up.


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