Sunday, April 24, 2011

Capturing Color ...

Yesterday, after writing about how I wanted to paint my living room grey and realizing that the paint colors on Benjamin Moore's site, by virtue of being viewed on a monitor, are not true representations of the colors in real life, I started poking around the site to call up the other colors in my home and see just how off they were. Yep, they were pretty off.

So I grabbed my camera to take pictures of rooms to capture the "real" colors and realized that it's really hard to photograph true color. Light calls the shots. What I see in a room and what I can photograph for you to see in a room are widely different.

And so on this day of assorted colors, be they eggs or bunnies or Peeps, I put together my own array of virtual paint chips and actual rooms. In most cases, the colors I see in my home are about halfway between each swatch and picture, though Victorian Trim fares pretty well in this comparison. (By the way, I want a job with Benjamin Moore as a paint-color namer.)

First up, Yosemite Sand:

Next, Salisbury Green:

Next, Roasted Sesame Seed:

Next, Providence Olive:

And lastly, Victorian Trim:

And to think that I used to think that I'd live in a mostly white house.


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