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angelo:HOME, Covetous Edition ...

Just as with the last such post, Angelo doesn't know that I'm writing this, though I expect he'll see it at some point. He pops over from time to time, and sometimes he leaves a comment or two. Take note of the photo that accompanies his comments. He was a very cute kid.

The last time I wrote – nay, gushed – about his furnishings, I had just watched him debut them on QVC. In the privacy of my own home. This time, I happened upon the Coming Soon page of his web site while whiling away some downtime at work, and I nearly bounced out of my chair.

Oh, people.

First of all, yes, I'm biased. Angelo is a friend and we share a deep-seated love of baked goods. And wine. And cheese. And pasta. And cheese on pasta. Accompanied with wine. And followed by baked goods.

But my appreciation for his design is pure. I would admire this vision from anyone. But these creations do not come from just anyone. They come from him.

His line of case goods debuts at the end of this month, and I suppose I could wait to write this until you could actually get your hands on the products, but patience has never been one of my strong suits, so here we are, now.

And I love, love, love the new line, though some of what intrigues me isn't necessarily new. Some of the pieces have been available for a while, but I've compiled them all into one post.

Mind you, I won't be buying everything. I don't have room for all of it. I just love it and admire it. You'll find your own favorites, I'm sure.

But let's start with ...

The Marlowe Mirror on Mirror

Lately, I'm drawn to elements with a bit more glitz to pair with the well-worn things that I already own. I'm very keen on contrast these days. And this mirror is a whole lot of departure for me. Which is why I love it. (Yes, I keep saying that I love these things, but I really do. They make me happy. And by the by, I threw the gradation into the field of the mirror so you could focus on the frame of the mirror, not the reflection in the original image.)

For instance, I think I might like this mirror placed vertically atop ...

The Braden Media Center

Or perhaps not. The proportions might be off. But you see my point about contrasts. Also, the fact that I would put a mirror on top of a media center reveals that I wouldn't be using a media center as a media center. I'd be using it as a nifty piece of storage by my front door, a place to drop my keys and my phone and such, plus a place to stash all the stuff that's currently crammed onto my front-closet shelves.

Then again, I'm also tempted by ...

The Bowery Sideboard Table

This beauty suits my penchant for all things aged and worn. I could get lidded baskets for the lower shelf, for storage, if I used this by the front door. But perhaps I can bring its distressed metal and wood sensibility into another room with ...

The Bowery Coffee Table

Isn't it fabulous? It's the coffee table equivalent of a well-worn leather jacket. Instant character. A good example of what I love about Angelo's design, because the same mind that created this coffee table also created ...

The Sutton Sofa in Antique Silver Gray

You can't get much more chic, right? This is tailored and classic – love the single cushion – and it would be right at home in a tony city apartment playing host to the martini-sipping set but yet it's not fussy. Perfect balance. Love it.

And speaking of chic, speaking of love, words cannot convey how much I adore ...

The Harlow Black Paisley Arm Chair

I have an unbridled love for paisley. I have three patterns of it in my TV room. But this particular pattern? Paired with those castered legs? Arresting. Though I recognize that some may need to ease into the realm of paisley, which you can do with ...

The Nesting Ottomans in Black Renu Leather, Paisley & Cream

Want a hit of paisley in your room? You can have it. Want to take a break from it? Nest it under the black ottoman until you're ready for it again.

Let's see another shot of the ottomans, shall we? With Angelo, because he's just so gosh darn photogenic:

You can see all of his products here: bedroom furniture, bedding, rugs, a bevy of chairs and loveseats and sofas, outdoor furniture, just an abundance of good things.

I do believe I remember him mentioning that he's working on a line of lamps next. I am always in the market for a great lamp. Hey, a girl's gotta have a vice, right?


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