Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter ...

The winter storm warning has been canceled.

And replaced with a blizzard warning instead.

Have I mentioned that I'm tired of winter?

This morning, after finding my car with its battery dead, I changed my plans for the day. I walked to the store instead of driving, which was good because I bought less than I otherwise might have, given that I had to tote it home by hand. I stuck to the essentials: Milk. Eggs. Ham. Turkey. Mouse traps. 72% chocolate. Heavy cream. (I might have an uninvited mouse visitor, and one never knows when the need for emergency ganache may arise. It's best to be prepared.)

Side note: Isn't it, like, a law that folks have to keep sidewalks clear? I cannot tell you how much snow and ice I traversed this morning on the way to the store. C'mon, people. Try harder. If you're too old or infirm to shovel, flip a quarter at the neighbor kid. And then hand him a fiver, because nobody works for a quarter anymore.

Anyway, so, I'm home, not intentionally waiting for the storm to arrive, but waiting nonetheless. Waiting while writing. Waiting while doing laundry (just as soon as I start doing laundry). Waiting while reading. So many books, and a sudden gift of time.

I am no fan of storms. And I've had my fill of snow. It started snowing early this season, so we've had a couple of months of the white stuff on the ground. I'm fine with the occasional skim coat of snow, just enough to blanket the dirty piles and freshen it up out there.

But 12-18 inches? No, I could do without that. I really should have bought a roof rake at some point. It'd come in handy this week.

I have a huge window in my dining room, and it's nice to watch the flakes on snowy days. It feels a bit like being inside a snow globe. And I pad around the house in comfy clothes with a scarf around my neck for an extra measure of cozy and sip coffee and write and read and bake and watch movies and think about how grateful I am to have a warm home.

But I also fret, though I know fretting is fruitless. I don't like anyone being out in such weather. I hope that the homeless are safe in shelters and I want everyone I know to be safely inside. Driving in winter weather is very near the top of my list of things I hate to do. A spinout on a snow-packed highway years ago left an indelible mental mark. I'm rather white-knuckle-y now when it comes to driving in snow.

So, stay put if you can, please. Well, run to the store first. Get some milk and eggs, at least. Hopefully, you have no need for mouse traps.

But holler if you need ganache.


Blogger Tom Erdman said...

I was feeling guilty. My snowblower needed service and it was in the shop. I didn't get it picked up before leaving on a business trip on Sunday. Luckily, the guys who do my driveway and walk picked it up and cleared them. Whew! Thank God for reliable people.

4:27 PM  

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