Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Illumination And Warmth ...

I'm in the midst of a nesting jag.

I'm never disinclined to do something housey, but some days, the desire is more strong.

I've been flitting about lately, looking for fabric, looking for chairs, looking for lamps, striking out. Can my tastes be that specific? Can it really be so hard? And don't even get me started on rugs.

But in a previous fit of nestiness, I was poking around the internets and spied a lamp. A floor lamp. Ooh.

I bookmarked the page. And put it out of my mind. Did I really need it? No. I had a floor lamp. It worked. But it wasn't right. Function? Check. Form? Not so much.

But last week, I went back to the site and the lamp was on sale! Or more on sale than it had been before. No one pays full price on the internets.

So I ordered it. And then I checked the tracking information somewhat obsessively in the ensuing days. Why was it sitting in Hutchins, Texas? Or why hadn't FedEx updated its information in two days? My lamp, stranded.

But yesterday, it arrived! In a box that looked a little worse for the wear, but still.

Amusingly, the FedEx guy left a Delivery Notice stuck to my front door to inform me that I had a delivery by my front door, both of which I saw when I opened my front door. Thanks, FedEx guy. If I hadn't seen the sticky note on my storm door, I might not have noticed the big box sitting just outside it.

I slit the tape and immediately started fending off static-y bits of Styrofoam. I lifted out the shade and noticed a big ol' dent. I pushed it out. All seemed OK. I noticed another dent, smaller. Pushed that one out, too.

I assembled the lamp (some who had reviewed it mentioned that the pieces didn't fit together properly; they must be unfamiliar with the concept of twisting, because mine fit together just fine) and screwed in two bulbs (it's a two-socket lamp). Pulled one chain! Light! Pulled the other chain! Nothing. Crap.

No, wait. Bad light bulb.

Replaced bulb. Ta da!

I vacuumed off all the Styrofoamy bits and unwrapped the shade, pulling, pulling, pulling cellophane like a magician with an endless string of scarves. Yes, I could have cut it, but what if I needed to rewrap the shade to send it back? The evidence of the dents remained as slight creases on the inside of the shade, but they were near the seam, which I'd be cheating to the wall anyway. So I decided the lamp would stay.

I bought it to go with Angelo's chair. They're very happy together. See?

I wrote to the seller to let him know about the dented shade, to suggest that perhaps they'd want to ship future lamps inside bigger boxes with bits of buffer. He replied almost instantaneously to apologize and offered a) to have the lamp picked up or b) a discount.

In my original note, I mentioned that the damage wasn't bad enough for me to make a return, but I thought the offer of a discount was kind, and I thanked him.

To which he replied to ask how much I'd like.

Oh. I figured he'd propose a number. I asked if he thought 20 percent was fair. And a while later, I received notice of a refund for just over 20 percent. Nicely played, sir. Nicely played. Way to ensure a good review.

So I'm happy, the lamp is happy, Angelo's chair is happy, and I saved 20 percent.

Next up, the shade for the $5 lamp. Now that I know where the lamp will live, I do believe Shade No. 1 is the winner. I still love Shade No. 6, but a closer inspection of the pattern left me less interested. I'm not a huge fan of complex printed patterns. They look lovely from a distance but they rarely hold up up close.

Not that most people will examine this lampshade closely, but I'll know it's not exactly what I want. And the grey will pick up on the rug solution I've finally settled on, which isn't a rug but FLOR carpet tiles of which I will purchase two types to achieve this nifty checkerboard effect:

I've always wanted a black and white checkered floor, and someday I shall have it, but in the meantime, the grey will play nicely with the wood floors in that room along with the furniture, one piece of which has a rather patterny pattern on it, so I think it's in everyone's best interests that any rug-type solution stay somewhat neutral.

It's amusing to me that after 10 years, that room is finally on it's way to being "complete," even as there are many other things in there I'd like to do, and even as no room is ever truly done. But I'll be happy with it for the time being.

As with everything in my life, it seems, it takes me a while, but I eventually get where I'm going.


Blogger Tom Erdman said...

I don't know how you have the patience to do things over a long period of time. I'm more of a "get it done" guy, with everything being horrible one day, then it's nice a few days or a week later, with somebody else doing the work.
I guess not being home much has something to do with it. And, your experience with your lampshade is exactly why we don't carry lamps anymore. Good luck with your search.

5:10 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

Depends on the nature of the task. Some things get done in a flurry of activity. Some things take longer. And I think the word you're looking for is "procrastination." :o ) But seriously, when it comes to decorating, when I get an idea in my head, often nothing else will do and the idea can prove elusive. I had my Christmas cards custom printed this year because I couldn't find any that I liked. It's easier, though, to design a card and turn that around than it is to get a custom rug. Then again, often, I think I want something and then I don't move on it, and the later, I have a better idea and think, "Well, I'm glad I didn't buy X." Everything happens as it's supposed to happen.

7:43 AM  

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