Wednesday, December 01, 2010

On A Winter's Night ...

This morning, it began to snow.

I am very much a fan of snow if I can appreciate it from inside my home.

Today, though, I had to be out and about, and further afield that I had planned, so I was very happy to return home, to tuck my car into the garage and make my way inside, to plug in the tree and bring up the lights in the dining room just enough to balance the glow.

The darkness makes it feel as though it is late, though it is not. But I am in for the night, happy to be on my couch, in my sweater, my lap covered by my favorite afghan, a glass of wine by my side.

My friends Bev and Chris sent along a sampling of chocolates from Seattle, a box of assorted chocolate-covered dried cherries, and three bars of interesting chocolate – coconut curry, vanilla, and fig fennel almond – and a wee box of grey-salted, dark-chocolate-covered caramels.

And last night, Doreen decided that she is not really a fan of the rosemary Marcona almonds she bought at Trader Joe's, so I have those with me, too. Rosemary, wine, and chocolate.

I am surrounded by comfort and music that soothes me. I am a contented sigh.

This year, I find myself in a very relaxed place about Christmas. Going with the flow. Taking it as it comes. Doing what I'm inspired to do.

Will I send out 80 cards? Maybe. Maybe not.

Will I bake the usual complement of cookies and make my cookie rounds? Maybe. Maybe not.

Will I put up the second tree and procure a third? Maybe. Maybe not.

This year, I really want to let the holidays happen, participate when I'm moved participate, hang back when I want to hang back.

It's as though the past two years have been a long transition and I now find myself in a different place. I have left a lot of shoulds behind.

This moment is the life I want to lead, centered and calm and happy in a serene way. I know that life continues outside my door. Complexities and needs and misunderstandings. Details with which to deal. Banality.

But moments such as these, they fuel me, recharge my readiness to reenter the fray.

This is good, this life I've chosen.

And likewise, I am blessed.


Blogger Tom Erdman said...

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, Wine and Chocolate. If you're out delivering cookies, my door is always open. Of course, there woulld be wine and chocolate for you. Well, they may be partially consumed. May the holidays come to you this year. Leave a light on.

6:50 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

Indeed. If I'm home, my tree is glowing.

Do you have a favorite cookie?

7:04 AM  
Blogger Tom Erdman said...

Chocolate chip. My mother made the best, and she still does. Funny how that works.

8:46 AM  
Blogger Tom Erdman said...

By the way, I forgot to ask, do you still like your hair?

8:47 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

Yep, moms often make the best of everything.

And yep, I still like my hair! It never looks as good as it does when I leave J-D's chair, but it's a great cut and color, as ever!

9:05 AM  

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