Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Folks Who Inspire Me: Early-Morning, December 7, 2010 Edition ...

I've been tinkering with a post since Sunday.

Normally, I log in to Blogger, clack away for some amount of time, give what I've written a quick proof, and hit "Publish Post."


But the post I've been tinkering with isn't yet fully baked. It may never be. I may scrap it. Or today or tomorrow or the next day, I may revisit it and find the right thread that pulls it all together.

In the meantime, though, I realized this morning that I read several blogs by folks who truly inspire me.

Of course, I am inspired by many, some of whom I will write about another day, and some of whom don't have blogs or sites, so I will mean no slight to them for not linking to them later, but this morning is about the few folks who are swirling about in my caffeine-deficient consciousness.

In alphabetical order, for egalitarianism's sake:

AndreAnna – AndreAnna is my primal-eating hero, transforming her life with food and fitness, selflessly sharing her story. She's an adorable wife and mother who's recently moved to the Midwest and wonders what she's gotten herself into. She inspires me.

Angelo – Angelo is the only interior designer whose work has ever caused me to point at my TV and shriek with glee. He delights in everything, from tiny details to grand statements, and literally – personally and professionally – makes the world a more beautiful place. He has a very kind heart and a true desire to help others realize their potential. I am grateful to have come to know him.

Patti – Patti is a quiet force of nature, a wife and mother and author and teacher and artist who sees life with a clarity and simplicity that I am trying to achieve. She is funny and wise and profound. And she wears red boots.

Rick – Rick is the reason I know the aforementioned Patti, and my blog is the reason I know Rick. He happened upon my site one day, and started reading and started commenting, so we started chatting and we haven't stopped since. Rick is a delightful blend of IT-smart-fix-it guy and otherworldly-wisdom guy. Knowing him enriches my life.

Sheila and her husband, Jeremy – Sheila is a friend from high school with whom I lost touch until just over a year ago when she found me on Facebook. Shortly thereafter, her daughter, Donna, passed away. Every day, I stand in awe of the grace that she and her husband, Jeremy, exhibit. They have created Donna's Good Things in their daughter's honor, an organization that raises money to fund dance scholarships (their girl loved to dance) and buy portable DVD players and iPads for children to use in the hospital, and accomplish other good things that have yet to be dreamed. They are wonderful parents to Donna and their adorable son, Jay, and are dear friends to me.

Tom – Tom is a business partner of the aforementioned Angelo (we really are all connected) who started leaving comments on my blog one day, lovely, encouraging comments that struck me for their kindness and seeming out-of-the-blueness. (Though I presume he found my blog through comments I'd left on Angelo's site.) He reminds me of people I meet on the 3-Day: kind for kindness's sake, someone who truly understands that we're all here to help one another in whatever ways we can. Which, of course, applies to everyone in this post.


Blogger Jeff Hunter said...

I was expecting at least three Dave's on that this...

8:40 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

The preponderance of Daves in my life has dwindled.

11:53 AM  
Anonymous AndreAnna said...

Wow, what a lovely compliment. Thank you so much for this!! Makes me smile (and on a day where I've decided to duct tape my children to the wall, this is good!)

12:52 PM  
Blogger Tom Erdman said...

Good Morning. I'm just catching up on your blog this morning. Nine days in China without access to blogging and Facebook has me sending apolopies in many directions. But, in this case, it's a thank you. I love your writing style, deeply personal, and something of a reach into what feels good to me, the tastes and smells of what life can be. Sometimes I race by the roses. You remind me to smell them.
Stay warm,

6:45 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

What a lovely comment, Tom. Thank you.

6:48 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

And AndreAnna, you're so welcome.

Isn't duct tape wonderful?! :o )

6:49 AM  

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