Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful ...

Tomorrow morning, I will be baking bread.

(You can make some, too. It's really easy. The recipe is here.)

So I'll write on this Thanksgiving Eve instead.

This year, as in every year, I have so much for which to be thankful.

I start with the basics: I wake up every day. I am able to get out of bed. I have a bed. I have a home. My home has heat. (In the summer months, I am grateful that my home has air.)

I have my health. The occasional creaky back or disagreeable knee, but for the most part, I'm well.

I have the ability to communicate and talent enough to convey my thoughts and feelings to others, spoken, written, or sung. Though I need to sing more and conquer my performance fears.

I have family and friends who love me, who support me, who wish the best for me, who cheer me on. Lately, I am acutely aware of their importance in my life. I cherish them, each and every one.

I have my creative pursuits, the writing, the baking, the singing, the wrapping, the decorating, the sewing, the drawing, the fun. The things that fuel me from inside, the things that capture my attention and focus my mind nearly to the point of obsession. But my friend Rob once advised, "Get obsessed and stay obsessed," and that is good advice.

I am grateful for the joy I find in simple things. Baking bread for Thanksgiving dinner, the pleasure it brings to my family and friends. Baking extra to be sure that my nephews and niece (and their parents, too) have slices to toast the morning after, a little holiday tradition, a memory that will last.

I am grateful for it all, blessed beyond measure.

I hope this finds you all so blessed, too.

Happy Thanksgiving, tomorrow and every day.


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