Thursday, September 09, 2010

Thoughts On A Drive Home ...

I went out last night, for the second night in a row. I am perilously close to "normal" in terms of a social life this week.

Driving home, I took a route that I normally don't take at night, so everything seemed a bit different, almost as if I was in an entirely new part of the country. Or the world, for that matter. A McDonald's, after all, can be anywhere.

But as I was zipping down a dark stretch, between oases of well-lit parking lots and strip malls, I was thinking out loud, as I often do in the car, talking to myself in lieu of listening to the radio.

And I started thinking about Greece, where I've never been, but where I very much want to go. (My friend Martha is there, painting – or maybe she's moved on to Turkey by now – so Greece is on my mind.)

And that started me thinking about the time I was in The Art Institute and there, in the middle of a gallery, was a white marble bust from Greece, just set on a pedestal, not under glass. And I know that I'm not supposed to touch things in a museum, but it was right there, and the card on the pedestal revealed that it was dated from about 3,000 B.C., and I stood there thinking that I was standing in front of something that was 5,000 years old, that 5,000 years ago, someone's hands carved that haunting visage out of a block of marble, and so I looked around, found myself alone (but for the cameras that I'm sure were watching) and I reached out and barely touched the tip of my index finger to the base.

And I marveled that in the smallest of ways, I was part of a continuum that spanned 5,000 years – and continues on.

And then, in the car, as I neared the familiar markers nearer to my home, my brain made its way to Colorforms.

Yep, Colorforms.

Do you remember Colorforms? Those bits of plastic that stuck to surfaces and each other by static cling?

My brain landed on them because of the bit of plastic that's on my windshield to remind me when I need my next oil change.

But I was amused that in the span of 15 minutes or so, my brain had somehow made its way from thinking about Greece and an ancient sculptor to Colorforms. I remember being fond of the Peanuts set.


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