Saturday, September 04, 2010

Extreme Makeover: Lamp Edition ...

You may or may not know the story of the $5 lamp.

Here's the short version:

I bought a lamp. It cost $5.

Now you're up to speed.

It needs a new shade. Because the old shade is broken. But more importantly, because the old shade is ugly.

The selection of lampshades at most stores bores me. So I've been poking around online.

Of course, when shopping for a lampshade, it's really best to be able to dress the base with the shade, to be able to stand back and make sure the scale is proper and the effect is whole.

No can do on the Internets, eh?

Well, really, you kind of can.

Note: I did not spend a lot of time on the following endeavor.

I used the picture of the lamp from the Craigslist posting. It's not great, but it sufficed.

And I pulled over images of shades from a lampshade site to get vague ideas how they'll look with the base.

I did not bother to do cutouts of the shades, hence the white space around them (because the site from whence they came had a white background, too).

And I did not worry precisely about scale, so as you look at them, don't think, "Oh, that's too big" or "That's too small." I'll make sure I order a shade that's proportionate to the base. And pay no attention to the wall color in the picture. I haven't decided where this lamp will live, so I'm not considering the color of a room in my decision. (The base, by the way, is simple black. The photo is a bit fuzzy on that front.)

This is an exercise in aesthetics. Which shade do you like best with the base? I'll number each entry. Please to be sharing your thoughts in the comments.

Will I buy the shade that earns the most votes? Not necessarily. But I'd like everyone's opinion.

(And if you're wondering, yes, I have a clear favorite.)

1. Grey Velvet Stripe

2. Faux Leather

3. Butterscotch Stripe

4. Olive Sage Stripe

5. CrissCross

6. Swirls

7. Heather Vertical


Blogger meredithblumoff said...

gray velvet stripe. #1. hands down.

7:43 PM  
Blogger Jeff Hunter said...

Depends on the room, but I'm partial to Butterscotch Stripe.

9:26 PM  
Blogger spicecakes69 said...

1,4,7 and if the swirls were in black/white/grey that would win.

9:54 PM  
Blogger Rick Hamrick said...


I cast my ballot reluctantly, as I liked the original ("ugly" according to the professional) shade, assuming application of a little electrical tape to patch it's inner structure so it would sit straight on the base.

Yes, I would have been instantly overruled if this lamp and decision was taking place in my house.

9:16 AM  
Blogger Kristen Sager Cincotta said...

I vote for #1 or #2. I really like the colors on #1 and I love how the curve of #2 mimics the curve of the base while still feeling masculine. Most curvy things feel innately feminine and that combination doesn't.

~ Kristen

12:12 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

I also like #1 and #2 the best. #1 is just striking, with the horizontal stripes contrasting with the vertical base. The color of #2 is more versatile, and the shade has a nice shape. Looking at all of them again, #1 is the one that really jumps out at just suits the lamp perfectly!

12:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

#6 or #2.

10:20 PM  

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