Monday, September 27, 2010

angelo:HOME ...

I am so excited to write this post.

Earlier today, my pal Angelo debuted his latest angelo:HOME offerings on QVC. I wasn't home to watch in real time, but I had scheduled the hour on my DVR when he first announced it.

So tonight, I was able to dial it up and, well, as I wrote to him a few minutes ago, "I already knew this about you, but the QVC appearance reinforced it: You are eleventymillion shades of genius! *So* much thoughtful detail!"

So much, people.

I should have known. But until tonight, I'd only seen photographs of his line, and while they're lovely, lovely photographs, they can appear flat. Because, you know, they are.

But to see his products styled and well-lit on the set of QVC?

Let me tell you a little story: Once upon a time, however many months ago now, I was watching an episode of "Rate My Space" on HGTV. Angelo was the host of the show. He designed a master bedroom suite. During the reveal, I was literally pointing and shouting at my TV. Yes, that might seem a little insane, but that's how taken I was with what he'd created. It was less about the products he chose – though they all worked together beautifully, of course – but more about how he presented them in the room. Asymmetrically.

But not "asymmetrical" as in two different nightstands or mismatched lamps. Oh, no. "Asymmetrical" as in the art hanging above the bed justified to the left and then stepped down toward the center. And pillows following the same configuration on the bed. Even the ottomans at the foot of the bed were set to the left. And yet, the effect wasn't lopsided. It was genius. I'd never seen anything like it on any design show. So much of what I see is safe and expected, variations on the Pottery Barn catalog.

But Angelo designs at the intersection of masculine, feminine, quirky, and classic with such an emphasis on detail. And that's what I was able to see tonight.

If I may ...

Take, for example, his Hudson chair in this fabulously graphic black and white vine print. Print, right? Oh, no. No, no. The pattern isn't printed, it's woven. You know, like damask. It's textured, not flat. Infinitely richer than I thought it was. Of course, I should have known better. (By the way, it also comes in pumpkin and apple green. I know, right?! Fabulous.)

The vine fabric is also featured in ...

... this set of nesting ottomans. Nesting. Ottomans. Genius, right? I love the largest of the three, the leather. Get this: It's recycled leather! I have no idea how it's created, but how cool is that? It's beautiful and eco-friendly. And they're sturdy. On the show today, Angelo stood on one to demonstrate that we're not talking about fabric-covered cardboard here. By the by, he offers many ottoman options on his site.

But speaking of the brown leather ...

I'm hip to it because I have this chair and ottoman in my TV room. The ottoman comes with the chair. The chair is way comfy. The ottoman is adorable. And the chair is named after his dog, Baxter. This wasn't featured on QVC, but you should know about it.

Oh, and the bedding!

This is the Gramercy Park collection in celadon. It also comes in sunny yellow, but if ever there were a "Beth" palette, this is it, so I chose this pretty picture. (You can see the yellow collection here.) Oh, where to begin? The kidney pillow, the horizontal pillow in the foreground? It's reversible, which I love, but that pattern isn't printed onto the fabric, it's embroidered. Another detail to love! And are you seeing the nailhead trim on the grey flannel pillow behind it? And are you thinking that that's echoed in the polka dot fabric behind it? Of course you are. But check this: The polka dot fabric? Embroidered! And – ohmygosh, are you sitting down? – the polka dot sham is the same width as the bed! Like a body pillow! "But," you're thinking, "I don't want to have to go out and buy a body pillow to put inside it." You don't have to! It's designed to hold two standard pillows (for a queen) or three standard pillows (for a king). Is that just about the coolest thing you've ever seen in bedding? Ever?! Detail! Genius! Oh, and the comforter? It's a duvet over an insert, which you can remove to wash the duvet. Or you can insert a heavier comforter for the cooler months. Oh, and it's reversible! All of this, in one bedding collection? Now do you understand my glee?!

And I have to tell you about the Westgate bedding because it's too wonderful to not mention.

Completely different feel, equally as beautiful. This is the blue palette, but it also comes in spice. I love the tufted pillows, the rectangle and the square. And the Asian-inspired print. I could go on, and I haven't even touched on the coordinating sheet sets. In 400 thread count. Striped for Gramercy to mix up the interplay of pattern on your bed even further, solid for Westgate to tone things down.

But I have to get to the rugs! Oh, the rugs! First, the pictures, Westgate then Gramercy ...

Beautiful, right? The reverse graphic floral of Westgate, the incomplete argyle of Gramercy? I love them both, but they get even better. Check out the sizes of the rugs: 3'9" x 11'9" and 2' x 7'6".

Wait, what?

More thoughtful detail! The 2' x 7'6" rug can function as a runner in a hallway or on each side of a bed. (Or anywhere else in your home you're in need of a long, skinny rug, maybe in front of French doors?)

The 3'9" x 11'9" rug – I know, it's nearly 12 feet long, or wide, depending on how you look at it – was designed for the foot of a bed because so much of a rug in a bedroom ends up underneath the bed and you don't get to see it or use it. Brilliant, no?

Yes. Brilliant.

I haven't even begun to touch on everything. You can see all of his offerings in his product showroom on his web site. Each page for each product features links to the retailers that carry each item. And the best thing? It's all so affordable. Seriously. That's from whence stems my awe. His collection is beautiful, well made, well appointed, and well priced.

He truly wants everyone to be able to surround themselves with beautiful things.

Life just got a little more luxurious.

It bears mentioning that I wrote this post of my own (verbose) volition. He has no idea that I'm writing it. Well, he will, once I tell him, but I finished watching his hour on QVC and immediately started writing. I'm just that wowed. And it takes a lot to wow me. It really does. But angelo:HOME wows me. Easily. I'm such a fan. And I'm sure you will be, too.


Blogger Tom Erdman said...

I'm catching up on your blogs...incredibly well written.

12:58 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

Oh, that's so kind, Tom. Thank you!

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOVE the Westgate bedding. And glad you got to see a friend do something really cool--and then were able to write about it. How fun! :-)

8:11 PM  

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