Thursday, August 12, 2010

Melissa Etheridge ...

In February, I interviewed Melissa Etheridge. Toward the end of our chat on the phone, she said that I should come to a show on her upcoming tour so we could meet.

Her tour is in full swing now. She was in Chicago last Saturday, but I was in the middle of the 3-Day, so I had asked her publicist if we could arrange for me to see her in Milwaukee instead.

He very graciously accommodated that request, and last night was the show. I went with Matt, the editor for whom I did the story, who is also a dear friend.

I'd never seen Melissa live before. But as I wrote on Facebook when I got home, if you only know Melissa Etheridge from Top 40 radio, you don't know Melissa Etheridge.

She was staggering, full of passion and artistry. Four-minute radio cuts became 10-minute musical journeys to fascinating places.

She played for nearly three hours and the time flew by.

My cell phone takes such grainy pictures that I'd have been better off bringing a sketch artist with me for the evening, but here's a shot that conveys a bit of the feel of the show. We had a good vantage point. Artist comps are good, no matter what. But comped seats that happen to be in the front row of the balcony are even better.

This is the link to her remaining dates. Truly, you have to see her live.

And this shot is even grainier, but a shot of Melissa with a guitar is essential. I dig the composition. Her shadow reads well.


Blogger Kristen Sager Cincotta said...

I can imagine that she gives a great show. Her music is just so powerful and she clearly has a lot of passion for it.

~ Kristen

4:09 PM  

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