Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Four Chicken Moments And A Penguin ... And A Big Boy ...

Yesterday morning, I popped around my house snapping shots of rooms and vignettes to create a slideshow to show some folks who have agreed to let me design their new-to-them, vintage condo.

I figured, if I were letting an amateur person into my home to design spaces, I'd want to see that person's home, just to be sure that their idea of design wasn't milk-crate chic. So I took "grown-up" pictures, overall views of my living room and my dining room and my kitchen, and a slice of my bedroom. (I hadn't yet made my bed.)

(P.S. I still haven't.)

I also took pictures of some of the chicken moments in my home. I have several.

Let it be known that I have been fond of chickens (really, they're almost always roosters, not chickens) since far before the "chicken/rooster" craze hit and chickens/roosters started turning up everywhere.

My friends and family were happy to indulge my tastes, so much so that I had to put a moratorium on all things chicken.

But select chicken moments remain.

And in my TV room, for a bit of kitsch, the tray on my coffee table sports my penguin martini shaker as well as my Big Boy doll/bank, both gifts from two people who know me very well.

Lately, my blog has been sorely lacking in photographs, so I thought today would be a fine day to share some snaps.


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