Thursday, July 01, 2010

On Domestic Bliss ...

When last our heroine wrote, she was blathering on, something about music and needing to get stuff done around the house.

(Hey, you know what'd be annoying? Writing an entire post in the style of a throwback radio announcer. So I'll stop that.)

All righty, then. So, Tuesday, I whipped up a little post about the playlist I'd turned to for motivation, and it worked, because on Tuesday, I washed nearly every item of washable stuff that had take up residence in my basement.

There are still a few things to wash, but they're such an odd collection, they didn't make up a load, so they're sitting in the laundry basket, waiting for me to decide what to do with them.

But otherwise, all the A-list laundry is done. Of course, every day brings with it new laundry, so I'm never officially caught up, but the heavy lifting, as it were, got accomplished on Tuesday.

And yes, I am writing a blog post about laundry. It's OK. You can say it. These days, I take life victories wherever I can find them.

Like yesterday, when I went to Target ... TWICE.

I didn't mean to go to Target twice in one day. Who does? Well, Target addicts, maybe, but a Target addict I am not.

In fact, I had been meaning to go for a few days, as supplies dwindled and disappeared, so yesterday was the day.

I hitched up the team, donned my muslin bonnet, and ventured forth across the prairie, hoping to complete my trip to the mercantile and make safe passage home, free of encounters with marauders or bears.

(Yes, I need more coffee! How could you tell?!)

But seriously, I went to Target, armed with my list, and managed to get out of there spending less than $50. Ugh.

One of the things I bought was a two-pack of toothpaste, my usual Colgate blue weirdness, because I like having one tube in reserve at all times.

And once Einstein over here figured out how the two boxes had been welded together, I managed to separate them, opened up one, slid out the tube, and thought, "Hmm. I don't think I'm supposed to see the toothpaste through the side of the tube."

The seam was split open, down almost the entire length.

I further thought that a) the toothpaste was probably contaminated at that point, and b) squeezing the tube would prove to be a messy proposition.

But I thought I'd chalk it up to a defect and went right to the second box.

And wouldn't you know it? The same exact issue.

So I put the tubes back in their boxes and put the boxes back in a Target bag and after lunch, I zipped back to Target to the service desk where I returned my toothpaste and suggested that perhaps they'd want to pull the other two-packs off the shelf, because there's probably an issue with the entire lot.

And then I went to the toothpaste aisle and selected a single tube, and opened the box, and squeezed that sucker to make sure that nothing was going to split open.

And then I headed for the checkout counter.

And then I thought, "Ooh, you know what'd be good? Dark chocolate."

So I changed course and headed for the candy aisle.

And I didn't pick up a bar of my usual Lindt 70% Cacao chocolate.

Oh, no, I didn't.

I picked up a bag of dark-chocolate Peanut M&Ms instead.

And last night, I used my toothpaste and it worked just fine.

And I'll use it again this morning, just as soon as I finish this ginormous iced coffee, which, frankly, isn't having a lot of effect at the moment.

I think my body has built up a tolerance to caffeine.

I might need to move on to epinephrine.

I have another full day ahead.


Blogger Rick Hamrick said...

I was doing fine cruising through your post, and then my eyes hit upon "DARK-CHOCOLATE PEANUT M&M'S" (emphasis mine).

You are unconscionably cruel, Ms Kujawski, even as I know you did not wield your weapon on purpose.

Now I will be forced to procure some of said M&M variety on the morrow (hey, you started the throwback style many paragraphs prior) and suffer through the entire package. Not in one sitting, mind you. I will stand halfway through.

10:05 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

Oh, yes, it'd be unseemly to eat the whole package in one sitting. I took a full day to consume mine. :o )

10:10 PM  

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