Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ooh, You Know What'd Be Good? ...

Don't you hate it when you're hungry and you have no idea what you'd like?

That happens to me. A lot.

Which is weird. Because I really like food. You'd think it wouldn't be so hard for me to muster up an idea or 20, but some days, when mealtime rolls around, I got bupkus.

But then, out of the blue, I'll think to myself, "Ooh, you know what'd be good?"

And in this era of sharing even the most banal thoughts, I've been posting those revelations on Twitter and Facebook.

A few friends, bless their hearts, have let me know how much they like my "Ooh, you know what'd be good?" posts, so yesterday I thought, "I should start a blog."

So I did. You can find it here.

So far, my Facebook and Twitter entries have been very brief, like, "Ooh? You know what'd be good? Sangria."

But on the "Ooh!" blog, I'll expand each entry to include a recipe for whatever it is I'm craving.

Assuming a recipe applies.

The other night, I wanted ice-cold red grapefruit.

You can figure out how to prepare that one on your own.


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