Friday, June 18, 2010

In Vino Veritas, The Verse ...

Marcia started it, posting a wine haiku.

Which prompted me to uncork a bottle of cabernet, decidedly not a wine of summer, but the thought of the taste that appealed to me.

I poured a glass, slipped Miles Davis into the changer, and tried my hand at five / seven / five.

A few:

Swirling 'round the glass
Glinting ruby redness calls
Beckoning my lips

Forlorn saxophone
Brushes laze across worn skins
'Blue In Green' and red

To us, this moment
Slender stem, whisper-thin rim
One fine sustained note

Intense, the taste of
Ancient vines and memories
The last glass we shared

Deeply, I inhale
The earthy aroma of
Wine and sun-warmed skin

How it weakens me
Your touch, feather-like traces
The last sip awaits


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