Saturday, May 08, 2010

Notes, Not Necessarily Musical ...

♫ Why the double eighth note icon today? I just like the way it looks. Normally, I use the single eighth note – ♪ – but I'm single enough. At least the musical notes I use in my blog can be paired up.

♫ I had coffee yesterday with Brian (I need to start assigning modifiers for all the Brians in my life now, as I've done for all the Daves) and was amused to note that every laptop in use in our vicinity at the Starbucks was a Mac, as though Mac is the official laptop of Starbucks. But then, as we were leaving, I noticed a guy by the door with a Dell. D'oh! Dude, go hang out at Caribou.

♫ I do not understand why this song wasn't bigger. I once described it to Composer Dave as a U2/Coldplay hybrid. With that kind of pedigree, you'd think it would have hit big. Trivia: Vib Gyor, the band's name, is the acronym for the colors in the spectrum of light: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red.

♫ Earlier this week, I was having one of those days as a creative in which I was smarting because someone didn't like the work I'd produced for them. What I wrote was funny. They thought it was "forced." We were both right. What I wrote was funny, but it didn't gel with what they were trying to achieve. Happily, though, new Twitterpal Marcia, unaware of the day's woes, told me I should write a book, which was nice. Many people tell me that. I replied to her that I'd love to write a book, if only I could think of a topic. Which is when she really earned her keep as a Twitterpal with this message: "Write about you! Life etc. Sedaris style. I'm a big fan of his and only wish I could be so witty. YOU ARE. Not BSing. Do what you do best." HELLO. Now, I'm funny when I want to be, but never in a million years have I thought of myself as "David Sedaris" funny. But maybe I should. His Holiday on Ice is one of the best things ever to be printed on paper. In any event: Marcia, I'm throwing a big smooch at you for the psychic rescue! Mmmmmmwah!

♫ Wow, New York is not having a good week.

♫ Brian, he of yesterday's coffee meet-up, has the most adorable son on the planet. As I wrote to Brian the other day upon seeing the latest crop of pictures: "I am transfixed by his scrumptiousness." I need to identify more things in life that qualify as "scrumptious."

♫ I've been working on an exercise for the past week or so to help me figure out what I want to be when I grow up. It's been much more difficult than I expected. It's not that I don't know myself. It's that I would like to spend my days catering to my whims. As I wrote on Facebook and Twitter, "Apparently, I want to be Dorothy Parker. Minus the suicide." I think I could do very well, hanging out at The Algonquin, having interesting discussions and noshing and drinking, not necessarily in that order. So, if anyone runs across any lucrative opportunities for "whim caterer," do let me know. Thank you.

♫ Much to my financial chagrin, I have to admit that salon hair-care products really do perform much better than the stuff I can buy at Target. My birthday gift every year from J-D, my hair architect, is a shampoo-conditioner combo from the salon. I save it for "special" occasions. Yesterday, coffee with Brian qualified as a "special" occasion because why not, right? And yup, my hair feels fabulous. Dammit. Even when I am staggeringly wealthy from the sales of my Sedaris-style books, though, I don't know if my brain will be able to wrap itself around spending $30 on a rather wee-sized bottle of shampoo and another $30 or so on a similarly wee-sized bottle of conditioner.

♫ Speaking of my brain not being able to wrap itself around something, yesterday I was watching a DVRd episode of "Selling New York" on HGTV. I really love it, not for the "drama" that the producers try to inject, but for the opportunity to glimpse the interiors of some of the most spectacular spaces I've ever seen. But yesterday, my head nearly exploded when agents viewed a furnished apartment for a foreign investor and discussed that if he were to purchase it, he could rent it for $30,000 a month. THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLARS A MONTH. WHAT?! Who the hell spends $30,000 a month on rent?!

♫ The coffee in my mug is now unpleasantly room temperature. Which is a good cue to log off and get up from the couch.

♫ But first, this exquisitely simple bit of life advice, with thanks to Twitterpal Terry for the link.


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