Wednesday, April 28, 2010

An Open Letter To Senator John McCain ...

Dear Senator McCain:


Do you really expect the American public to accept that Arizona had to pass landmark bigotry because the Obama administration has failed to "secure our borders."

Seriously? You're going to try to lay this one on Obama?

I know you hate the man. I know you think that he wasn't supposed to win the election, you were.

But you've been in office since the early '80s, representing a state that's long had a problem with immigration.

So, in all those years, why haven't you found a solution?

I'm sure it's a massive problem that lacks a simple remedy, but, you see, Obama's been a little busy.

He's in the process of reforming health care in America, which others had tried to do for, oh, about 100 years.

He's overseeing two wars he inherited from George W. Bush. You're a military man. You may have noticed, though it pains you I'm sure, that the war in Afghanistan has achieved far more successes – if there is such a thing as success in war – under Obama's administration to date than in all of Bush's tenure.

He's trying to ease the economy back from the brink of collapse, and doing a pretty good job, don't you think? Sure, unemployment is still high, but we both know that unemployment lags in a recovery. Businesses have to get back on their feet before they can start hiring again. But stimulus funds are being returned, with interest. The Dow is up. Heck, even GM has repaid its loan five years ahead of schedule.

He's trying to help Americans stay in their homes, because a market flooded with foreclosure properties isn't good for the economy, the banks left holding the mortgages, neighborhoods that see property values fall, or for anyone, really.

He's trying to enact regulatory reform, to rein in the madness that Reagan unleashed on the world when he deregulated the banking industry. Sure, let those fine folks regulate themselves. They're a bunch of stand-up guys, right? They'll do the right thing, right? Oh, um, oops.

Of course, he's running into a lot of resistance from your party, Senator. You and your colleagues aren't blocking financial-reform legislation. The legislation's not finished. No, you're not even letting the Senate talk about reform.

Gosh, that seems kind of anti-American, don't you think? Refusing to let others even talk about how to fix a massive problem?

But this letter was intended to be about immigration.

I'm sure you're doing your part, Senator. I'm sure that you call ahead to any establishment you're planning to visit in your home state and get assurances from management that there are no immigrants on the payroll, right? I'm sure you've never eaten in a restaurant in which an immigrant has bussed a table or washed a dish. I'm sure that you've never eaten a fruit or vegetable or piece of meat that's been harvested or butchered by an undocumented worker. Good for you.

Since you're obviously the standard to which we should all aspire, then, perhaps you should share with Obama your comprehensive solution to our immigration problem. You have one, right?

Don't worry. Obama's a good guy, despite the fact that you've convinced yourself of quite the opposite. He'll give credit where it's due. Remember that summit you guys had a while back, when you addressed him and his response was, "That's a good point, John." You seemed pretty surprised that he agreed with you. You were all ready to fire back with your next argument, but that Obama, he went ahead and said you made a good point. Imagine that.

I tend to stay rather abreast of the news of the day. So I'll look forward to hearing about your plan to address immigration on a federal level, where it should be addressed. You're certainly right about that.

Thanks for all you're going to do on that front.

Better late than never, right?



Blogger Jeff Hunter said...

When is everything no longer George Bush's fault? When does Obama start to take responsibility for something (other than the obviously deserved Nobel Peace Prize)?

The Federal Government has dropped the ball for years on immigration. This goes all the way back to Bush I years, through slick Willy, and up to Obama. Going nowhere is not a direction.

It all begins with enforcement of laws already on the books. Punish employers that hire illegals. Send people back. Defend the borders.

What do you do with people already here? I don't know, there has to be a path to citizenship somehow. Granting amnesty to everybody is not right because you can't reward illegal activity. Nor is sending everybody back to re-apply the right thing to do. It's going to have to be a mix, just what percentage I don't know.

9:49 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

Obama's taken responsibility for plenty, whether he wanted to have to or not, and you know it.

I'm not saying immigration is Bush's fault. Yes, it's been a problem forever.

Which is why it's insane to say it's Obama's fault.

But while we're at it, how about we stop blaming Obama for everything Bush did?

9:52 AM  
Blogger J. Marquis said...

Well played, Beth. I really like that last sentence.

5:27 PM  
Anonymous Cannon said...

Jeff has a point (grrr) about enforcing laws on the books. Do you know what happens when an illegal is picked up in Illinois for anything from speeding to theft or battery? Nothing. They serve their sentence same as any citizen. No point in contacting Immigration apparently, because either they don't care or they don't have the resources to care.

1:19 PM  
Blogger Jeff Hunter said...

Cannon says:
Do you know what happens when an illegal is picked up in Illinois for anything from speeding to theft or battery?

They become President of the United States?

Oh, come on, it was a joke.

4:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can only hope Texas does something similiar. Things have been way out of hand for a very long time. We need to start enforcing our laws. I see it everyday, so does my wife in the medical profession. Cuz Dan

11:05 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

Oh, I'm all for enforcing laws and overhauling immigration, Dan. But I'm not cool with essentially legalizing racial profiling.

Because the cops aren't going to be pulling over the affluent, white folks.

6:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you know how Mexico deals with it's illegals? Tougher than Arizona

9:59 AM  

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