Sunday, April 25, 2010

Muse Of The Moment ...

A week or so ago, I was trading tweets with Angelo, a Twitter pal, about the walk I'd taken that morning, a walk without coffee in hand.

I am not a morning person. I am far from a morning person. So if I'm going to go walking at 6:30 a.m., I either need to bring coffee along or make Starbucks my destination.

Angelo wrote, "Bring a coffee sippy cup and shortbread necklace for treats along the way...".

Shortbread necklace.


Pure genius. I told him so. I mentioned that I have a friend who makes jewelry and that I've long thought about opening a bakery.

To which he replied: "I think I hear a business plan being written...".

I don't expect I'll be going into the shortbread jewelry business, but a one-off shortbread necklace? How could I not?

Angelo told me to take a picture of me wearing it and send it to him, and that's when my brain went a little nuts.

An image appeared in my mind, a black and white, high-fashion image. I wondered if Jeff, my brilliant photographer friend, would be around this weekend to shoot it.

I would need rather remarkable hair. I wondered if J-D would be free, too.

And, of course, if J-D was going to do my hair, I'd want Ronnie to do my makeup.

See what I mean? Most people would think, "OK, I'll take a picture."

Me? I think of three other people to rope into a photo shoot.

Regardless, first, I had to make a necklace.

I thought about making an exaggerated version of the candy necklaces we had as kids. And then I thought I might make a Wilma Flintstone-esque necklace, forming the shortbread into imperfect pearls. But then I'd have to string them, and trying to bore through shortbread nuggets seemed like a bad idea.

So I then I thought that a pendant was in order, which made me think of the medals from the Beijing Olympics, with the hole in the middle.

But I'd put the hole closer to the top of my pendant, I decided. And then I remembered that I had oval cutters in addition to rounds, and I'm a very big fan of ovals, so ovals became the plan.

And I made a recipe of shortbread dough, which is much more like Play-Doh that I'd ever realized (and which I now want to extrude, using Play-Doh toys), and baked up a batch of prototypes, larger ovals and smaller ovals, altering the location of the opening in each.

And then I started thinking about the necklace part itself. I figured I wanted to use satin ribbon, but maybe not. Maybe satin cording. Or maybe a wide width of ribbon, gathered up and tucked through the hole.

I went to the fabric store to look at ribbon and trims. When I get an idea in my head, I just keep going. I bought a few yards of different cording and such as well as a spool of black satin ribbon, which was the winner in the end. (I really need to learn to trust my first instincts.)

And today, I took a shower and washed and semi-styled my hair and put on a bit of makeup and put my laptop on a stack of books on the kitchen counter. (I didn't contact Jeff and Ronnie and J-D.)

And I snapped a few shots. And I discarded a few shots. And I cropped a few shots. And I settled on this:

Then I sent it along to Angelo, thanking him for being my inspiration and shortbread muse.

I love little projects like this, manifesting visions that appear in my head.

One of these days, I'll figure out how they'll allow me to make a living.


Anonymous Alison said...

I have a similar necklace. Except it's made of white jade or some such. I can't eat it, is my point.

Also, GREAT photo!

1:11 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

I mentioned to my friend Jeannie that while shortbread is sturdy, it's not *that* sturdy, so from a practical perspective, a shortbread necklace doesn't make a lot of sense.

Also, you end up with crumbs on your shirt.

And thanks about the photo. It's not what I envisioned when Angelo told me that I should take a picture, but given that I was flying solo on the hair, makeup, and photography, it came out well.

Let's hear it for Mac's onboard camera!

7:56 AM  

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