Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jeff Phillips ...

I was not a cheerleader.

In junior high, I tried out for the pom-pom squad. That was a short-lived experience.

But now, because I can, and because short skirts are not involved, I am happy to be a cheerleader for family and friends. And, for that matter, folks I don't even know.

I'm happy to blog about people, places, and things. I'm not compensated for any of it, nor do I want to be, not here. But if I run across an artist or product that I love, I'm eager to tell others.

Which brings me to my friend Jeff Phillips.

Jeff is an analyst by day – analyst as in "technology," not as in "tell me about your childhood" – but he likes to walk around armed, with a camera, to shoot images for a collection he calls crowdspotting.

Images like these:

I love the silhouette of the woman in the image above. She looks like the silhouette of the female form on the mudflaps of trucks. Which is what Jeff saw when he shot that, too.

Jeff's work will be part of a couple of shows opening this week and next. And you can follow him on Facebook: look for "crowdspotting".

In a perfect world, Jeff would be an insanely renown photographer and could walk around all day an artful black wardrobe looking disaffected.

But for now, he's a really nice guy with a job and a camera. And talent to spare.

Images © Jeff Phillips


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