Saturday, March 13, 2010

Five Years ...

On this date, five years ago (it was a Sunday, for those who were wondering), I wrote my first blog post. This was it:

One Voice Among Millions ...
Jeff Phillips ( -- brilliant photography, check it out) is the reason I am here. I've batted around the idea of a blog for a couple of years, but never got off my ass (or, as I am sitting at my desk typing this, gotten *on* my ass) to do anything about it. Until this very moment. But I believe that everything happens in its time, so for whatever cosmic reason, today is the day that I lend my voice to the millions of others in this parallel universe.
I can't wait to see what happens.
Here we go ...

Jeff's photography site has since morphed into this and you should still check it out.

But here I am, five years later, still clacking away, still using ellipses ... I love them ... I really do ... .

Over these five years, I've written ...

... profane poetry about a chipmunk.

... about my struggles with my weight ... and body image in our culture ... and the insane standards to which women are held.

... theater reviews (this one is especially gushy but it was an exceptional play ... and a friend of mine was in it) ... and book reviews ... and reviews of films.

... a post about love that developed before my eyes ... and what became a eulogy for a dear friend.

So far, 1,516 posts. This will make 1,517, I suppose.

And all along, readers have come and readers have gone. Some have become dear friends. Others remind me that it is possible to see a single situation in many ways.

Sometimes, I was silent. Sometimes, I thought about throwing in the virtual towel. Some days, the words wouldn't come.

But I stuck around. And others have, too.

And through it all, my most popular post, the one that corrals the most visitors based on an Internet search, remains this little musing about Mike Rowe.


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