Friday, December 11, 2009

The Twelve Days of Christmas (Decorations): Christmas Angel ...

I don't have angels on the top of my Christmas trees. I have wreaths.

But when I saw this little angel – literally – I was taken with the craftiness of the person who made her. She has a little spindle for a body and a decorative wood piece for her wings and a little wooden ball for her head and a little wire halo with a tiny bit of Christmas greenery. Just eyes, no mouth. She's just the kind of angel who watches over people, I guess, not the kind who speaks.

And every year, she joins the other two angels on my bedside table. I don't own many angels, but my mom gave one to me because her name is Joy, and my long-ago friend Charles gave the other one to me (her name is Angelina) so that someone would always be watching over me. Charles was my voiceover coach. We hit it off instantly. He was older and charming and impish and had the most amazing 1940s-esque radio announcer-style voice.

Anyhoo, my little Christmas angel joins the other two every year, for a few weeks. But maybe I should keep all of them together, all year long.


Anonymous Tracy said...

Ok Beth, I have to ask...
Where is the tin foil star that used to don the top of your Christmas tree?

9:40 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

On top of my mom's Christmas tree. : o )

9:41 AM  

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