Thursday, December 24, 2009

All I Want For Christmas ...

It's not too late, is it, to put in a request?

Dear Santa:

This year, I would like the back of a 16-year-old. Or any back that does not require me to use my hands to help myself straighten up while I make old-man sounds.

I would also like a tall, handsome, smart, funny, emotionally stable, pro-commitment, heterosexual man.


I wonder how you wrap a back. That is clearly the more likely of the two gifts I would receive.

But what if it's the wrong size?

Good morning, boys and girls! It's Christmas Eve!

The holidays have arrived, once again. Right on schedule.

There's a bit of Christmas in the air. It's still white outside, though yesterday's freezing rain has left the snow looking shellacked.

After yesterday's marathon day of cooking and baking and errand-running, I am nearly ready for Christmas. Today, I will make bread for tonight. And for toast in the morning. And I will wrap stocking stuffers. And when I go to my parents' house later, I will help my mom with whatever needs to be done for dinner.

But other than that, I'm done.

All that's left is the social aspect of the holiday, popping by neighbors' homes with a few treats, handing out presents after dinner, sitting around the kitchen table noshing on sweets after the presents have been opened and the paper-strewn floor once again reveals the rug beneath it all.

And the morning will be low-key, just a few gifts to open, because none of us want for anything, but it's nice to have that Christmas-morning experience.

And there may be mimosas involved.

From there, the day will feel like any other day, but also different. There's that space on Christmas Day when the morning hubbub has subsided but dinner is far away. So you putter around a bit. Do what needs to be done around the house. Have some coffee. Have some toast. Have some cookies. But then stop for a moment and wonder what you should do next.

It helps if it's cloudy outside. For some reason, sun on Christmas feels strange to me, feels like I should be doing something productive, whereas a cloudy day brings with it permission to lie on the couch and watch a movie. Or take a nap. Or both.

But I've already gotten all I want for Christmas. I've had quiet moments in my house, with my tree and handfuls of cards that have arrived in the mail. I know that I'll be seeing people I love over the next two days. There is snow on the ground. I'm listening to Christmas music and inhaling the wintry scent of fir, from the most amazing candle sold at my friend Lenore's store. I popped in there yesterday to hand off a little holiday treat, and she gave one to me in return. And then gave another for me to give to my mom. My dad had asked if there was something we could spray in the house to make it smell like a Christmas tree. These candles fill the bill.

Tonight, there will be a fire in the fireplace and far too much food. And laughter. And hugs. And the glow of the tree.

I wish you and yours much love, for the holidays and every day.

It truly is all that matters.


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