Friday, November 13, 2009

Well, Hello, Forties! ...

I'm too tuckered to type at length, but so far, my forties can be summed up in one word: spectacular.

My love and thanks to all who made the day so special.

I have one remaining birthday wish: a good night's sleep.


Blogger fjaye said...

Dear Beth:

I'm a writer, too. Mostly features for local/regional pubs and some national trade mags.

Stumbled on your blog the other night -- looking for links to David Darling's O Holy Night, as I recall.

I really REALLY like your writing style. In some ways, it resembles mine. People have often said that when I write, it's in a conversational tone, that they can hear me speaking the words that they are reading.

I get the same sense from your stuff. So many blog posts are clunky and mechanical. Yours flow with finesse and grace.

They're a pleasure to read. I'll be checking back often.

PS: I like to sing, too!

10:07 PM  

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