Monday, November 23, 2009

Blip Bliss ...

I like to stay well behind the technology curve. I still watch analog TVs. I text using the numerical keypad ... of a RAZR. I had to upgrade the RAM in my iMac a few years back in order to make it iPod compatible. I'm amazed that I don't churn my own butter.

And so today was the day I lost my virginity. I'd heard of Blip. I'd seen Blip selections appear on Twitter. But I'd never ventured to the land of Blip.

Until today.

Wow. And I thought I was unproductive before ... .

Blip is a hybrid beauty, part Twitter, part iTunes. Kinda. It lets you play DJ, but with commentary. You should be able to see my station here, but if not (or if so), I'm going to include a rundown of my first day of Blipping, both the tunes and the commenary. It all started with my desire to share a tune on Twitter, but my lack of desire to link to a YouTube video. Enter: Blip.

1. Out of the Sky, Van Hunt
Are you hip to Van Hunt's "Out of the Sky"? Very groovy tune.

2. No More Tears, Ozzy Osbourne
Hello, Ozzy! Or Dave Matthews.

3. Let's Dance, David Bowie
What better way to spend your lunch hour?

4. Be Here Now, Ray LaMontagne
Oh, Ray LaMontagne, you soothe me.

5. Burrito, Pete Yorn
Having fun, figuring out this Blip business. Anybody hungry?

6. Hard Sun, Eddie Vedder
Eddie. One of my favoritest voices. (And thanks, new Blip pals. Will get up to speed!)

7. Love Reign O'er Me, Pearl Jam
Speaking of Eddie, I know this may be blasphemy to some, but this version beats The Who's.

8. D'yer Ma'ker, Led Zeppelin
Wow, I do not listen to this song enough. I'm also getting nothing done, thanks to Blip.

9. Downtown Lights, Annie Lennox
OK, adding my favorite female vocalist for some chick balance to this playlist. Now, must work!

10. Only Time Will Tell, Asia
Oh, hell. One more. This damn thing is like crack. Not that I would know.

11. Blue Valentines, Tom Waits
I find this tune goes especially well with a glass of red wine. And a dark room. And then another glass of red wine.

12. Ruhe, Schiller
If you find the bit of harsh-sounding German distracting, don't fret. It's over quickly and doesn't return.

13. I Feel You, Schiller
"Now is the time on Sprockets when we listen to Schiller!" Another cut from Herr Schiller, this one in English. He could be in "Twilight"! : o )

14. Somewhere Down the Crazy River, Robbie Robertson
Tom Waits-esque, but Robbie's not in need of a lozenge. It's too hard to pick one Robertson tune. I love 'em all.

15. Imagine, John Lennon
What would the world be like if this song was daily required listening for each and every one of us?

16. Reason to Believe, Bruce Springsteen
Bruce blew my mind the first time I saw him perform this song this way. And it still knocks me on my ass. Genius, this man.

17. Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing, Chris Isaak
Someday, when I am really drunk, I will get up the nerve to sing this in a bar. P.S. I never get really drunk.

18. Angel Song, Ezio
The studio cut of this tune is even better than this version, but it's cool to see these guys extract so much sound from two guitars.

19. Brown Eyed Girl, Everclear
This selection is inspired by the original, which I just saw in @PaulCwalina's feed. And now I must get far away from Blip for the night.

20. Io, Helen Stellar
OK, just one more, for my friend Marce, with the hope that this tune and some deep breathing is enough to eradicate his headache.

Seriously, it's a massive time-suck! Stay far, far away! Or don't. If you become a DJ, let me know your handle so I can check out your station.


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