Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Coarse Correction ...

As John Lennon so sagely said, "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."

I'm a planner. I like plans. I like plotting. I like to-do lists. I like crossing things off of to-do lists.

I'm also a very detail-minded person. Big pictures are nice 'n' all, but little touches are big with me. I love it when someone notices a detail I've put into place.

Of course, we can plan all we want. Cosmically, plans mean bupkus. Some come to pass. Many others do not. Life often gets in the way.

Life, I recognize, is exactly what's supposed to happen, whether or not it follows the plans we've made. And eventually, the day comes when we see events in a larger context and the reasons for everything become clear.

But in the moment? Not so much.

And so I recently made some plans and they were really good plans. And I had a really good time executing the foundation plans on which the experiential plans were to rest.

I am a wiz at concocting visions of what should be and then manifesting those visions.

I am not a wiz at making the universe bend to my will to ensure that my vision is realized by everyone else involved.

So my recent plans went unrealized, unfulfilled.

And I was disappointed, to be sure, by the circumstances but also grateful for the reminder that while there is a lot I can control, there is also a lot I cannot.

"Everything is going to happen the way it's supposed to," I told myself last night, trying to drift off to sleep.

And then my brain pulled that phrase into an acronym: EIGTHTWIST. "Eight twist!" I thought, and turned on the light and fetched the bound book I keep on my bedside table for jotting late-night thoughts or dreams before they vanish into the waking world. "No, Beth," I said, looking at the page. "That's not how 'eight' is spelled."

Hey, I was trying to fall asleep. Cut my brain some slack.

But the notion of "eight twist" led me to draw the infinity symbol in my book.

Everything is going to happen exactly the way it's supposed to, indeed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And that is spoken like atrue sage.

8:34 AM  
Blogger Jeff Hunter said...

One of the better lines of a country western song goes "If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans."

10:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All this talk about what's "supposed" to happen suggests a very deterministic view of human events and endeavors, assuming as it does that the outcomes of our actions are determined some overarching cosmic plan that the universe has filed away for us.

Isn't it just possible that outcomes might be determined by things as common and mundane as market forces, risk assessments, or even personality differences? And, in principle, if a person were to get a handle on more of those (and other) extraneous factors, they'd have some ability to influence the outcome?

But I suppose there are those who would argue that market forces, etc., are ALSO determined by that overarching cosmic plan. And that the current economic slump is cosmic comeuppance. Makes for lively dinner-party conversation, at the very least.

11:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also look into the psychological concept of "locus of control." Persons with internal locus of control believe they control their lives, whereas a person with external locus of control believes that their life is controlled by the environment, or fate, or by a higher power.

6:55 AM  

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