Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Now Return To My Regularly Scheduled Life, Already In Progress ...

Oh, hello.

Today is Sunday. I haven't posted since Tuesday, and that post was pounded out with haste, so as to have something up this week.

This week, which has been somewhat adventuresome. A friend called on Tuesday night to ask if I could pick up her nephew and his girlfriend who were stranded with a broken-down car nearby and who needed a place to stay until said broken-down car was once again road-worthy.

Well, the car is still at the garage where they had it towed. They, however, are visiting some friends in Ann Arbor for a few days. Turns out, there exists a service called MegaBus that transports people for (relative) cheap. Ah, college kids. They know all the angles.

The point is, between Tuesday night and when I dropped them off at Union Station Thursday afternoon, I was more or less away from my computer, driving them where they needed to go or otherwise being a host of some sort, not that I felt the need to entertain them.

And then, after dropping them off, I headed up to J-D's place for an afternoon of noshing and champagne-drinking for his birthday.

I like drinking champagne in the afternoon!

And then, once I returned home, I went about the business of cleaning up after house guests have left – doing laundry and such – and haven't been in the head space to blog.

Having impromptu guests was a good thing for me.

They served to remind me that I am very, very entrenched in my ways. I like having guests, but I also like planning for guests. I'm a planner. I like order. I like setting scenes. But, here's a funny thing: Life doesn't work that way. Life throws curve balls. So I need to lighten up, to go with the flow, view life as more of an episode of reality television, less of a scripted drama.

But that's what I get for pounding away at a screenplay for so long: I'm used to writing everyone's lines.

With them, though, they seemed to bring a shift in energy. My life this week has been very interesting, new characters are taking the stage with me, interesting possibilities are beginning to take shape, cool events are on the horizon.

And so in that way, I haven't returned to my regularly scheduled life. I'm in a slightly new world.

I like it.


Anonymous Cannon said...

And you haven't shed a crumb of your talent for suspense.

1:20 PM  
Blogger Mercurie said...

It is good to have guests, but I am glad that you are back writing the blog. Not that I must confess I have been around much to read it. I've been preoccupied with something much, much less pleasant than guests--work.

8:37 PM  

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