Thursday, April 09, 2009

Will This Be The Day Everything Changes? ...

Recent events in the lives of some of my friends have made me ponder the nature of the everyday.

Some days – many days – of my life lately have strung themselves together, each day feeling remarkably like the days that have come before, lulling me into a sense that life will carry on thusly.

But no. On any given day, at any given moment, anything – everything – can dramatically change.

And change, of course, can be either good or bad. Though, philosophically, I suppose the argument exists that change is neither good nor bad but is simply change. Whether or not we want or welcome the change determines its goodness or badness.

The sudden changes that have previously sprung to mind – my mind, anyway, which is a decidedly moody place; if my brain was a geographic location defined by its weather, it'd be England – have been "bad": illness, death, break-ups, etc.

But yesterday evening, quite out of the blue, I thought that "good" changes can occur just as frequently as "bad" changes.

Today might be the day I meet a new client.

Today might be the day I find the next song I want to sing.

Today might be the day I reconnect with a friend with whom I'd lost touch.

All of those things are entirely likely. All of those things have happened before. But I don't view those as changes in the same way as I view the more-wrenching events.

This morning, on Facebook, I had a note waiting from my friend Lance. Lance is one of the most upbeat people I know. In his note, he mentioned that someone he knows recently told him that they're tired of him being happy all the time. But, as he wrote, "To be perfectly honest, though, I think a person puts him/herself wherever they want to be through their perspective on life. If you see good things happening, they happen."

Absolutely. [Marc, I can hear you squirming in your chair. : o ) ]

Change happens every day. Opportunities to learn happen every day. Everything is relative.

I don't spend enough time zeroing in on the small things that enhance my life.

Through Whoorl's blog, I encountered the concept of Grace in Small Things.

Not that being grateful for small things is a foreign concept, of course. But actively noticing them and writing them down isn't something I've done before.

Logically, it makes sense to write them down right before bed, to take a few minutes to reflect and capture the day's goodness. Or perhaps it makes sense to write them down as they present themselves, lest I forget them (my brain, after all, is now entirely Cream of Wheat).

Writing them down in real time (I'm never that far away from a pencil) will also likely yield more than five items a day.

But today, I'm sure I can come up with five small things that I've appreciated since I've opened my eyes:

1. My warm, fluffy bedding

2. The pattern cast on my living room wall from the sun shining through antique lace curtains

3. Hazelnut coffee goo

4. Gino Vannelli's "I Just Wanna Stop," which I'd forgotten was in my iTunes library

5. My morning "conversation" with Rick

Five things already. And it's not even 10 a.m.


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