Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One-day Fundraising Blitz ...

First, I started on Facebook.

Then, I moved on to Twitter.

Now my one-day 3-Day fundraising blitz has come to my blog.

The Chicago Breast Cancer 3-Day is slightly more than three months away, and I have miles of fundraising to go before I walk ... 60 miles. In August.

So today I'm posting the link to my web page for the 3-Day and asking everyone to consider a contribution in whatever amount is comfortable for them.

This will be my sixth event. Which means, to date, I've walked just shy of 300 miles to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer research.

I'm happy to do the walking, but I need my friends and family to contribute to the effort so that I can participate.

I know this economy is putting the squeeze on a lot of us, but contributions start at $5.

And all those little amounts really add up. Skip one trip to Starbucks this week. Drink the coffee in your office instead, and contribute the cash you would have handed over for a latte and muffin to the 3-Day.

Heck, rummage between your sofa cushions and car seats and contribute whatever you find.

And if you'd like to contribute to my effort in another way, post this Tiny URL – http://tinyurl.com/ah8qwr – to your Facebook or Twitter feed and ask your friends and followers for their help on my behalf.

Thanks, friends! I literally cannot do this without you.

And when you contribute, please let me know if you're making a contribution in memory or in honor of someone who's had breast cancer. I collect all their names and carry them with me on the event.

Peace to you and those you love,



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