Thursday, April 09, 2009

Grace In Small Things, April 9 ...

In my earlier post today, I mentioned that, through Whoorl's blog, I encountered the concept of Grace in Small Things.

As I said, being grateful for small things is not a foreign concept, of course. But actively noticing them and writing them down isn't something I've done before.

I was able to come up with five between the time I opened my eyes and the time I posted that post, sometime before 10 a.m.

1. My warm, fluffy bedding

2. The pattern cast on my living room wall from the sun shining through antique lace curtains

3. Hazelnut coffee goo

4. Gino Vannelli's "I Just Wanna Stop," which I'd forgotten was in my iTunes library

5. My morning "conversation" with Rick

And then, as the day wore on, I made note of other things:

6. The bespectacled girl in the cell-phone commercial who deadpans, "She thinks you're super delicious"

7. Hearing The Rolling Stones and remembering when I was younger and I thought they were singing, "Hey, hey, you, you, get off of my clown!"

8. Introducing friends

9. INXS's "New Sensation"

10. Papermate medium-point pens with blue ink

11. A woman I noticed in a car as I was heading to Target who bore a striking resemblance to Hallmark's Maxine

12. Jay's mix CD

13. The woman who pushed the Target shopping cart into the cart corral that had been left in the middle of the parking lot by another shopper

14. Finding Kashi Trail Mix bars again for my mom

15. The oh-so-sparkly green bunny on the back-seat ledge of the car I parked next to at Home Depot

16. Sneaking in under the wire, right before I shut down the computer for the evening: Haddaway's "What Is Love"


Anonymous Alison said...

I LOVE the super-delicious girl!

10:09 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

Me, too! I hope she goes on to many super-delicious things in her career!

6:52 AM  

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