Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The 3-Day: Why I Walk ...

Every year, I participate in The Breast Cancer 3-Day.

Me and thousands of other walkers in cities across the country lace up and take to the streets, each walking 60 miles in three days, each raising funds and awareness to benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Yesterday, on the phone, a friend who lives in suburban Atlanta mentioned Lake Lanier.

"Oh, that's where we kicked off the 3-Day in 2001," I said. "We walked from Lake Lanier to downtown Atlanta."

"You walked from Lake Lanier to downtown Atlanta?!" he asked, incredulously.


"That's really far," he said.

Yes, it is.

You think 60 miles is far in a car? Try walking it sometime.

Folks ask me why I walk and my answer is always the same, always this simple: I walk because I am able to walk.

And I will continue to walk until we find a cure.

But I literally cannot do this without your help.

Last year, on Day 2, the sweetest little girl handed me a Barbie dollar. (If you'd like to read my take on last year's Chicago 3-Day click here.) I cherish it and I will carry it with me on this year's walk. Unfortunately, Barbie dollars don't count toward my fundraising goal.

I know the economy is putting a strain on many of us. But I'm asking you to contribute whatever amount is comfortable for you. My event page is here.

I thank you, most sincerely.



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