Monday, March 16, 2009

Whither St. Patrick's Day? ...

My Facebook friends will recognize this little freak show posing as an illustration. On The Book We Call Face, I referred to him as a "fixed-and-dialated, creeptastic, nightmare-inducing representative of Ireland." (I'm quoting myself. Holy crap, that's pompous!)

But then, leprechauns in general don't have a very good rep. Sure, there's Lucky, the spokesleprechaun for Lucky Charms, but even he's looking a little possessed these days, and let's face it, as cereals go, Lucky Charms are rather meh. The marshmallow bits are more like nuggets of chalk and the cereal itself is pretty much a Cheerios knock-off that's trying too hard to be popular. But then there's the evil little bastard from the "Leprechaun" film franchise. So not cool, that dude.

So this weekend, throughout Chicago, I spied green wigs and green plastic bowler hats and green shamrock shapes bobbing above the heads of people wearing antennae and green shiny beads a la Mardi Gras, all in a color green that I find hugely distasteful. And once again the Chicago river was dyed the most obnoxious shade, as though nuclear waste and the celebration of St. Patrick have a lot in common.

For my part, I tied a green ribbon (a very pleasant spring green, thankyouverymuch) to my purse, lest anyone point out that I was sporting only black and grey and beige. A friend and I went to see "The Wrestler" and out for Italian food, so the closest we got to the reveling was walking past a bar that had put up a tent to contain the masses hell bent on getting plowed on green beer. A crowd of 20-somethings spilled out of the front door of the bar, blocking most of the sidewalk. We navigated around them and grumbled about the ridiculousness and I felt as though I'd aged 50 years in the space of a few seconds, morphing from a 39-year-old who considers herself very tolerant into an 89-year-old who is terminally pissed off just to have something to do every day.

So the big day arrives tomorrow. Mom usually makes corned beef, but she's sick right now, so I don't expect we'll conduct our usual observance.

What's the next holiday? My calendar tells me that Saturday is Benito Juarez's birthday. Out with the green beer, in with the margaritas.


Blogger Mercurie said...

Not being Irish or Catholic, tomorrow I plan to wear red for the holiday...

St. Pat's is not one of my favourite holidays...

7:32 PM  

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