Thursday, March 12, 2009

He's Really Just Not That Into Me ...

For the record, I find the following funny:

I have a friend who has a friend. Let's call my friend Randy and let's call his friend Kurt.

Randy and I are friends, just friends. Randy, though, thinks that Kurt and I would make a smashing couple as we're both tall and we're both looking to date. (There were probably other indicators that we'd be compatible. But that's not important right now.) So, sometime last summer, Randy put me in touch with Kurt. Or put Kurt in touch with me. Whichever. We were put in touch with each other is the point.

And so we traded e-mails and comments on our respective blogs. Kurt lived in another state, but he was moving to Chicago in a few months.

So he moved. And then he got busy with settling in to a new home and a new city and all the related newness. And communication between Kurt and I dropped off for a time.

And then it picked up again, sometime before Christmas. And he made a bit of noise about us getting together after the holidays.

And in early January, we had a plan to get together. But then Kurt seemed somewhat ambivalent about it, and it didn't come to pass.

And so I shrugged it off. Whatever.

But Randy persisted in his belief that Kurt and I should meet one another and made comments from time to time about how well we'd get along. Most recently, he suggested that we all should get together this weekend, for St. Patrick's Day. (Note: I avoid St. Patrick's Day "celebrations" like the plague.) I thanked Randy for the offer but told him that I avoid St. Patrick's Day "celebrations." (I didn't bother adding "like the plague.")

"But you'd get to meet Kurt," he replied.

At which point I decided it was time to put that notion out of its misery: "You're very sweet to try to play matchmaker, but I'm quite sure that Kurt has no interest in meeting me."

Still, Randy held fast to the idea that Kurt and I would get along well if only we could actually – finally – meet.

Tonight, Randy and I got together for drinks. Randy kept scanning the bar. "Kurt might join us," he tossed off, casually. I'd had a sneaking suspicion Kurt might be invited.

At some point, Randy's phone vibrated with a text message from Kurt. Randy texted back that Kurt should come by. A moment later, Randy's phone vibrated again.

"Kurt's not coming," Randy said. At which point I smacked his shoulder with the back of my hand and said, "See? I told you he didn't want to meet me."

In my experience, a guy usually decides he wants nothing to do with a woman after they go on a date. Or they meet each other. Or they lay eyes on each other across a room. Not Kurt. Despite Randy's pre-screening, Kurt has opted out of every opportunity to meet me.

Which is too bad. Because my hair looked really good tonight.


Anonymous Ethan said...

I was gonna comment at Facebook, but I'll do it here where my sister won't see it.

Many years ago, my sister tried to hook me up with her music teacher, who was conveniently "Miss Johnson". I ended up chaperoning a field trip so we could ostensibly talk to each other under non-dating conditions to determine if we'd actually want to "go out".

We didn't go out.

Some time later, I was talking with my mom about that whole awkward experience, and she explained that Miss Johnson was my sister's favorite teacher, and she wanted to give her the best thing she could think of.


....kwaaaard. :-)

9:15 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

That's sweet! Yeah, invariably, when my friends fix me up, I'm left thinking, "Really? You thought I'd want to date that person? Do you know me at all?" They're certainly not bad people, the fix-uppers (fix-uppees?), but they're not a match for me.

Your closing made me laugh out loud!

9:24 AM  
Blogger J. Marquis said...

Kurt's a fool. Your hair is amazing.

Yeah, fixing people up is really dangerous. I got my single sister-in-law together a couple years ago with a guy I know. My wife and I went out to dinner with them on the first "date" and it was great. Then they went to a Mariners game by themselves and it was horrible.

8:13 PM  
Blogger Mercurie said...

Well, if you ask me, Kurt is the one who is missing out! I guess I am lucky, none of my friends like to make matches and my only one who does I have pretty much discouraged from such.

10:04 PM  

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