Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Content ...

That's "content" as in "happy sigh," not "content" as in "the stuff that fills up web sites."

Given the emotional see-saw that is my life of late, I am very pleased that my current status is "content." If my emotions were the United States' terror-alert scale, yesterday's "Blue" was akin to orange. Today's "Content" is green with the slightest tinge of yellow. But mostly green.

Everything is not perfect in every aspect of my life, but my friend Mark once taught me to ask myself, "In this moment, am I OK?" And in this moment, I am.

And since all we have is each moment, I will take the greenness of it all and embrace it, gratefully.

The swirly snow has stopped, hopefully for good. For the evening, anyway. Winter marches on. But I am safely tucked away for the night, in a new but very comfortable place.

(Oops. I blogged too soon. The swirly snow is back. The blustery wind is blustering.)

This morning I went on an interview for a one-off project. If I land it, it won't pay a lot of money, but it was nice to put on clothes that require more than elastic to keep them on my person and it was nice to talk to a grown-up and sell myself. Interviewing always feels a bit strange, as I'm the person who doesn't talk about herself in day-to-day situations, but interviews kind of call for the sales pitch.

The rest of the day involved really excellent roasted chicken, CD and DVD shopping at Circuit City (even if it did feel a bit scavenger-y), an afternoon of web surfing, and Chinese for dinner. Now, even though it is relatively early, I'm inclined to turn in. But I won't.

But I will bask in the contentedness and dream sweet dreams. And tomorrow, I will probably have some coffee.

Life is good.


Blogger J. Marquis said...

I'm glad to hear you're feeling better.

7:03 PM  

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