Tuesday, January 06, 2009

'The Claw Is My Master! I Have Been Chosen! Ooooooh!' ...

I fell in love with an alien.

When "Toy Story" hit the theaters, I was smitten with the aliens in the crane game at Pizza Planet. For my next birthday, my brother Brian and his family gave me an alien doll. It has a sqiuishy body with a hard plastic head. And when you squeeze its tummy, it says, "The claw is my master! I have been chosen! Oooooooh!" and its head lights up.


So much did I love my alien that when I told my mom that I'd like an original piece of art by my cousin Evan for Christmas that year, she called him with my request and he used "Toy Story" as his inspiration to produce a drawing that casts me as the love child of an alien and Buzz Lightyear.

See? (Click on the image to enlarge it.)

Now, I've never had orange hair nor have I ever worn it that way. I have owned bunny slippers in the past and I do love my coffee, but I've never owned a marabou-trimmed robe and at the time, I didn't wear glasses like that. (Though the ones I own now are rectangular. Maybe I'm slowly morphing into this caricature.) Basically, this looks nothing like me, but I love it, and Evan's quip, "You're weird, Beth," certainly applies in a number of ways. And I've no doubt that strange things are happening to me.

This was packed away in my closet until recently. I uncovered it during a cleaning binge (those occur about as often as comets streak across the sky) and recently set it on the filing cabinet next to my desk. Its original purpose was simply to hide an outlet, but I'm very pleased to see it again every day.

Say it with me now: Oooooooh!


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