Wednesday, December 03, 2008

In Pursuit Of Cookie Glory ...

Yesterday, my cousin Patty forwarded an e-mail to me from Fine Cooking to point out a cookie-photography contest.

That's right: a cookie-photography contest!

Do you know who takes really great pictures of cookies?


You can check out the cookie gallery here. Note that not all of the images are mine. Just the prettiest ones. *Wink.*

Visitors who like a particular image (or images) can give it a thumbs up, but the winner will be determined by a judges, not by popular vote. But the more thumbs up, I reckon, the better.

The prize is $500 to spend through Fine Cooking's store powered by

If I win, Patty, we'll go on a virtual shopping spree together. Because even though neither of us really need anything for our kitchens, we always need something for our kitchens!

And if I don't win, the exposure of my photos (no pun intended) certainly can't hurt. Who knows who might discover my closeted, food-styling self?


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