Saturday, December 13, 2008

Being Vewy, Vewy Quiet ...

Sheesh, I haven't posted since Tuesday? Hmm.

I've been out and about, running more errands to prepare for Christmas. The baking will commence today, stupefyingly close to the big day, and even more stupefyingly close to the day that I play Cookie Elf and dole them out.

But this year's offering will be a pared-down version of my usual list. Typically, I bake 12-14 varieties. This year, for reasons both financial and mental, I cut back to seven. Seven feels like a manageable number. And, I reason, if I finish all that baking and think to myself, "Huh. I still feel like baking," I can keep making my way through the list.

But a week or so ago, when I was already starting to freak out about all there was to do, I sat myself down and had a little chat and said, "Beth? You don't have to do it all."

Oh! Well, that was easy! Women especially tend to go nuts this time of year, trying to pull off a grand holiday. By contrast, at the mall the other day, mom and I ran into a man she knows from a grocery store (mom is the kind of person who knows everyone everywhere). He was poking around, looking for something for his wife for Christmas. He had no idea what to buy for her.

Now, points for him for shopping two weeks before Christmas instead of running to 7-Eleven on Christmas Eve and buying her a toothbrush and some chewing tobacco, but I thought, "Something tells me they probably give gifts to their kids. Or grandkids. Friends? Neighbors?" If so, guess who's buying all of those? And, more than likely, wrapping all of those? Shipping all of those?

You get the idea.

But today is a "free" day. I have butter on the counter, coming up to room temperature, and I will plow through the cookie list. I will not be going anywhere near retail, unless it's to my local Walgreens to buy more tape. I don't need more tape, but my favorite tape is on sale, so I'm happy to hoard it.

OK, kids, I've started typing about tape. And the coffee is finished brewing. So those are my cues to wrap this up.

When I start typing about tape, I know I've lost you out there. I've nearly lost myself.

Oh, but I'll leave you with this mini movie review: "Fred Claus" is pretty lame, but the Christmas-morning montage made me welly, and Kevin Spacey is, of course, outstanding.


Blogger Mercurie said...

I haven't posted too much this week either, but then for me it was a case of several days of overtime at work.)-:

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