Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yes, I Can! ...

Monday night, for the first time in I-can't-even-tell-you-how-many years, I surfed on over to and, much to my surprise, found a posting for a job that sounded interesting and was practically in my back yard.

Tuesday morning, I jumped through all of's hoops to apply online. (No, you can't upload a PDF of your resume, but you can upload a Word doc. Which is fine, except that not everyone in the world uses Word, and versions of Word can make for wonky viewing.)

Two hours later, my phone rang and the next thing I knew, I had set up an interview.

For this morning. How's that for encouraging?

I spent a good part of yesterday afternoon preparing for the interview, and spent a good part of yesterday evening feeling really hopeful about the possibility.

I can't even remember the last time I went on an interview.

And as interviews go, this was easily the best I've ever sat through. It felt less like I was being interrogated and more like we (there were three of us in the room) were just having a conversation.

Of course, it helps that for this job, I would bring a lot to the table. It's easy to sell yourself when you're very confident and know you have a lot to offer.

In the end, we weren't able to arrive at a salary that fit their budget and fit my needs, but it was a valuable experience. It was a boost of confidence and it served to remind me of all that I can do. All that I have done.

The woman who called yesterday to ask me to come in mentioned that I've had quite a life so far.

In the everydayness of every day, it's easy to lose sight of just how much I've done, how many opportunities have come my way.

So, today didn't pan out, but the universe is set in motion again (not that it ever stops) as we advance toward what's next.

And, as I said in my thank-you note to them, I'm always glad to expand my network of smart and engaging people.



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