Thursday, November 20, 2008

'Mister Foe' ...

Or maybe it's "Hallam Foe" to you, depending on where you live. I found three different movie posters for this film. It has a couple of identities.

Either way, Mister or Hallam, whatever poster applies, this is a very quirky film.

Mister Hallam Foe is Jamie Bell, a k a Billy Elliot, all grown up but living in a tree fort. (Seriously, just go with it. He doesn't live there for the duration of the film.) I don't like to know anything about movies before I see them. So I had no idea what I was in for with this film. I rented it as part of my ongoing Ciarán-a-thon. I love the look on his face in this shot:

As with all of Ciarán's performances, he completely becomes his character in this film. I'm friends with the man but even I stop seeing "Ciarán" and see only the character on screen. Most of the time. (I finally got around to seeing his death scene in "Rome," and while I did initially say, "Oh, honey!" because, ow, those senatorial bastards were killing my pal, I was quickly drawn into his performance. The man dies really well.)

So in this film, he's quite a bastard, and no doubt a big part of the reason that Hallam is so disturbed. Then again, Claire Forlani as Hallam's evil stepmother doesn't help matters, either.

Rent it. Just know that it has a distinct creepy bent. Which Ciarán's face so accurately conveys.


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