Monday, November 17, 2008

Dispatches From DivanLand ...

Two weeks ago Saturday night, I went to bed feeling mildly crappy.

I woke up that Sunday – at 5 a.m. which was really 4 a.m. – unable to breathe. I had been dreaming that I was unable to breathe and, sure enough, in the conscious realm, too, I was unable to breathe.

So I spent the balance of the day camped out on the couch, watching hour after hour of "Gilmore girls," one of the best shows in the history of television, and drinking orange juice.

That Monday morning, though, I woke up feeling better than expected and so I started to putter around the house – setting clocks, cleaning up my office, writing out bills, emptying the dishwasher, filling the dishwasher – until my body tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Um, STOP."

Every time I get sick, not that I get sick very often, I do the same thing. Thinking I'm well on my way to wellness, I slam into fifth gear until my body makes its great displeasure known and I drop back to first.

So here I am, two Mondays hence, and I'm still fighting whatever crud has decided to take up residence in my respiratory tract.

It is, in a word, annoying.

I am the functioning infirm. Saturday, I ran errands. Yesterday, I raked up pine needles and honey locust pods, and put away outdoor furniture and wind chimes and plantless containers, and spot-pruned my yews, and swept my front stoop until snow started falling as if to say, "You're officially done with your fall yard work." Today, I spent the day puttering around the house and tending to a bevy of niggling tasks, and once again, my body eventually said, "Um, STOP." At least I had the presence of mind to cancel with Brandon today.

It's a weird state of sickness: not so sick that I feel like I can legitimately camp out on the couch but not so well that I can perform at a normal pace without quickly hitting the wall. But then I think, if I keep up this start-and-stop pace, my battery will continue to remain drained and this cough, this pesky, persistent, chest-rattling cough, will never go away.

But at least, when I am on the couch, I can fire up my lovely laptop with wi-fi and the world is only a few keystrokes away.

Now if only I could think of something interesting about which to blog ...


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