Wednesday, October 22, 2008

No Ulterior (Auto)motives Update ...

The other day, I wrote this post about my car trouble and included the letter that I sent to the CEO of GM.

I mentioned that I'd let everyone know how things turn out.

Well, I don't have resolution yet, but I did just get off the phone with a woman from GM who is investigating my complaint.

While I was looking up my VIN for her, I thanked her for calling, mentioning that I always presume that letters such as mine simply disappear into the ether.

She told me that she's part of a 10-person team that handles complaints that come into the executive offices.

We set up a time to talk on Friday, once she's researched my case.

So there's your consumer tip for the day, boys and girls: When you have a complaint, write a letter to the head of a company, be nice but be clear on what you want, and you just might get it.

I'll let you know – again – how things turn out.


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