Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Hallow(Springst)een ...

In addition to all the Halloween candy I've been noshing on — the empty-wrapper evidence in the wastebasket next to my desk makes me wince — mom arrived at my door this morning of All Hallow's Eve toting a little handle bag bedecked with orange ribbon. Tucked inside were two little pieces of one of my all-time favorite cakes (cocoa applesauce cake with coffee frosting) and a little bundle of instant lottery tickets, most of which were duds, but one of which yielded $20! Woot!

As if that weren't enough, Mr. Springsteen, my gravely-voiced beloved, released a video and free download as a Halloween treat.

Watch — try not to drool on your desk — and grab the tune here. (The link to download the tune is in the news column underneath the video.)


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