Friday, September 19, 2008

Yada, Yada, Yada ...

Why do bloggers blog?

Yesterday, one of the bloggers of one of the blogs to which I subscribe posted about appearing on "Martha," who devoted a show to blogging, blogs, and the bloggers who blog them. Deb said that her blog, Smitten Kitchen, receives about one million hits a month. (And there's the link, to drive her traffic up even further!)


By comparison, this here blog probably logs about 2,000 page views a month.

Now, granted, I'm not affiliated with Martha Stewart, as is Deb. But this morning I got to thinking that Deb's blog is successful for a number of reasons (she's a good writer, she's a good photographer, she posts regularly) but her blog's greatest strength, I'd wager, is that it focuses on food. She's forever cooking or baking something, and taking fabulous photos along the way, and posting the recipe along with her commentary about the triumphs or travails of said recipes.

When you go to Smitten Kitchen, you know exactly what you're going to get.

In Bloglines, she has 1,843 subscribers.

By comparison, I have 7.

Now, I don't mean to compare myself to Deb. I started a food blog two years ago in the midst of my holiday-baking frenzy and I loved it, but I don't bake every day (and it's a good thing; I wouldn't be able to fit through my doors if I did) so that blog languishes. I post very rarely. Though now that the weather is turning cooler, I'll fire up the oven again. My neighbors are due for some treats as thanks for William being so kind as to tool on over on his riding lawnmower and cut my grass. (Hi, Rhonda!)

But it all set me to thinking about bloggers who blog with a focus and how lucrative it can be, either through selling ad space or through book deals or through notoriety that leads to a high-profile gig elsewhere online.

Which set me to thinking about why I blog. I tell myself that I blog to force myself to write every day (or nearly every day) but I don't focus on any one topic. I write about whatever's on my mind or whatever movie I've recently watched or whatever meal I've recently eaten. Sometimes, I'm stumped for a topic, which seems impossible, as there are a million things happening in the world today that are worthy of words.

And while I suspect I'd blog even if no one was reading, I admit to checking my page views every morning just to see how many people stopped by the day before. And I like knowing that friends are reading, that even if we're not in touch all the time, they're staying on top of my goings-on through this site.

Lots of people tell me that I should write a book, and I tell them that I'd love to write a book, if only I could think of a topic.

Same goes for blogging, I guess. If I had a great idea for a topical blog, I'd be blogging it.

But instead, I blog my blather.

It's nice of you to drop by regularly to read my ramblings.


Anonymous Alison said...

We could be blogging sisters. My traffic has dropped steadily over the years, though. And lately I just haven't been able to blog.

But people saying I should write a book? Check. That I would, if only I could think of a topic? Check. Blogging my blather? Check.

Maybe one day I'll get it together and produce something.

8:42 AM  
Blogger J. Marquis said...

For what it's worth, I think you have a nice blend of subjects. I like your blog because I never know what you're gonna be writing about that day.

8:13 PM  
Blogger Mercurie said...

On average I think my blog gets 2500 hits a month. At any rate, your blog is still one of my favs. I've always thought you had a great variety in what you write about, something lacking in a lot of blogs!

6:53 PM  

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