Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Searchers ...

Every so often, I glance at what search terms people are entering that bring them to Finding My Voice.

Hands down, the winner is "mike rowe gay." Enter those terms on Google and my blog is the fourth hit.

I wrote this innocuous little post more than two years ago, in which I never questioned whether he was gay. I wrote it because I had just seen him on Good Morning, America, and just because, I mean, Mike Rowe, hubba hubba! And that voice. I love his voice. Voices, you may have noticed, are a big thing with me.

And I continue to get comments on that post. More than two years later. People search "mike rowe gay" and find my post and weigh in. There's a little debate happening in my comments – Gay! Not gay! One commenter wrote "He is the altar of gay hotness!" Another wrote "If Mike Rowe is straight I am having a sex change operation. Now." Some have left their e-mail addresses so Mike can contact them – and marry them. That's the request, anyway.

As if! It's my blog, people! If Mike is going to marry anyone from the Internets, it should be moi, n'est-ce pas?

Word from my blog comments is that he lives in Cow Hollow. (Note to self: Next time I'm in San Fran, wander around Cow Hollow again.) I once bought a poster from a cute shop in Cow Hollow of the Palace of Fine Arts, my favorite place in San Francisco.

Anyway, yes, Mike Rowe. Gay? Not gay? Don't care. But now searchers will find two FMV posts about him.

FYI, from his FAQ page from the Discovery Channel, in answer to the question, "Are you married? Dating? Looking?", Mike responds, "I've never married, but continue to pursue a life of serial monogamy with a very understanding woman in San Francisco."

Regardless, for gay and straight readers alike:


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