Thursday, September 04, 2008

On This Day In Blog History ...

I've been writing Finding My Voice for nearly three and a half years. (You'd think I'd have found it by now, eh?)

And I was recently chatting with Mike and mused that I should revisit my blog posts from years past on a given date and see what was on my mind at the time.

On September 3, 2005, I wrote this post, "Pain Turns To Anger ...," about our government's response to Katrina. (I didn't write a post on September 4, 2005, so I pulled the post that was closest to today's date.)

On this date in 2006, I wrote this post, "B.A.P.E.: Schmooped Edition ...," about a man I was getting to know at the time. It turned out to be a very short-lived relationship.

On this date in 2007, I wrote this post, "Propaganda? ...," about the war in Iraq.

Apparently, something about early September makes me prone to politics.

So allow me to continue the trend.

Planetniner at The Daily Kos posted this response to Palin today. To help boost its visibility (in my little, 100-hits-or-so-a-day way, I'm reproducing it here. Public-service announcement: Conservatives may want to navigate away now.

"Liberals" did not ignore the warning that Osama bin Laden planned a catastrophic attack on America -- Bush/Cheney/McCain conservatives did.

"Liberals" did not commit the greatest foreign policy blunder in American history, violating the sacred trust of the American people by taking us to war with a manufactured "threat" (WMD) that turned out to terribly, horribly, catastrophically wrong -- Bush/Cheney/McCain conservatives did.

"Liberals" did not take a hard-won surplus that could pay down our national debt and turn it into colossal deficit our grandchildren will be paying off for a hundred years -- Bush/Cheney/McCain conservatives did.

"Liberals" did not appointment an unqualified clown to be in charge of FEMA (a vital government agency designed to save the lives of our citizens) and then ignore a crisis that destroyed one of America’s great cities -- Bush/Cheney/McCain conservatives did.

"Liberals" did not squander America’s greatest asset -- the moral high ground our military assumed with its absolute rejection of torture tactics used by hated totalitarian regimes around the world -- Bush/Cheney/McCain conservatives did.

"Liberals" did not force injured veterans to convalesce in rat-infested VA hospitals, and refuse to honor these men with adequate care until the press shamed them into it -- Bush/Cheney/McCain conservatives did.

"Liberals" did not fritter away seven precious years we could have used developing alternate energy sources to free ourselves from the very people who attacked us on 9/11, and still want to destroy us. We are more dependent on these people than ever -- thanks to feckless Bush/Cheney/McCain conservatives.

"Liberals" did not spend an entire year trying to talk the American people into spending 2 TRILLION dollars on a crazy scheme to privatize Social Security -- Bush/Cheney/McCain conservatives did.

"Liberals" did not ignore our current crisis, where 47 million Americans don’t have any kind of health care coverage -- Bush/Cheney/McCain conservatives did.

"Liberals" did not perpetuate one of the most heinous schemes in American history -- the crass, unprecedented politicization of the Justice Department into a wing of the far-right wing of the Republican Party, to be used to harass and indict Democrats and pit one half of the country against the other -- Bush/Cheney/McCain conservatives did.

"Liberals" did not champion the risky deregulation strategies that have caused millions of people to lose their greatest asset, their sacred piece of the American dream -- their homes. Bush/Cheney/McCain conservatives did.

"Liberals" did not preside over an economy that was tweaked to further enrich the top 1/10 of 1% of the population, while the other 99.9% struggled with stagnant wages, mounting debt, and slow job growth -- Bush/Cheney/McCain conservatives did.

"Liberals" did not preside over a calamitous reign that has left a record 80% of the country feeling that we’re on the wrong track -- Bush/Cheney/McCain conservatives did.

George W. Bush’s campaign plane in 2000 was called "Accountability One." It’s time for Bush/Cheney/McCain conservatives to take some accountability for what they’ve done. Screaming "liberal" doesn’t make liberals responsible for the wreckage.


Blogger Mercurie said...

Planetniner said it well. Of course, of all the things I dislike Bush the most about, it's not even the economy. It's the fact that he took troops away from Pakistan in the hunt for Osama to fight a needless war in Iraq. It would have been like Roosevelt in 1942 sending token troops to Germany and Japan, then declaring all out war on Spain....

11:08 PM  

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