Tuesday, September 23, 2008

On This Day In Blog History III...

Three years ago today, I wrote a recap of a most-excellent U2 concert.

Quoting: "Cell phones have replaced lighters at concerts. At one point during the show, Bono asked us to get them out and the United Center looked like a dark sky full of cell-phone stars."

Two years ago, I gushed about "Akeelah and the Bee."

Quoting: "Ohmygosh, this movie is the reason why the phrase 'Feel-good Movie of the Year' was invented."

And last year, I wrote a treatise about a visit to New York.

Quoting: "I dipped a couple bites of steak into the Bearnaise lightly. Tasty, sure. What's not to like? But the butter. Oh, the butter. Butter on steak is good (think Ruth's Chris Steak House, where steaks are dipped in butter, I believe) but this herbed butter melting on top of a perfectly cooked medium-rare steak? Holy mother of God.

Mom had the pork Milanese, a pounded piece of pork the size of her plate, breaded and fried and topped with a gorgeous mountain of salad. At least she had salad. My butter-soaked steak was paired with frites. Though no mayo for dipping. And I don't mean that there was mayo but I refrained. I mean there was no mayo offered.

Which is a good thing. Because if there had been, I'm pretty sure I'd be lying a morgue right now."


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