Wednesday, September 17, 2008

On This Day In Blog History II ...

So, what was on my mind two years ago today?

"Relativity" is a brief meditation on family dynamics.

Quoting: "Does Norman Rockwell's vision of the world exist outside of his paintings? In my mind's eye, I'm seeing a father at the head of a dining table, carving knife and fork poised over a perfectly browned bird, family looking at him with anticipation and appreciation. But what do you want to bet that there's a drunk uncle passed out beyond the frame in the living room?"

And last year?

"Dating Malaise" is a rumination on the dearth of datable dudes.

Quoting: "Yes, the gene pool is shallow and the pickin's are slim. Maybe it was all the talk of 'The Sopranos' leading up to the Emmys, but I found myself remembering one particular would-be suitor this weekend. Allow me to paint a picture: Think George Costanza meets the mafia, balding pate, receding hair slicked back with some sort of grease, a bit of a leer on his lips, and a pinky ring in view. Allow me to mention, too, that my profile on used to say that I'm drawn to men who can express themselves well.

And now, allow me to reveal the five magic words he offered as love bait: 'You're stunning, I'm interested. Tony.' "

"Love bait." That makes me giggle.


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