Monday, August 04, 2008

Live From The 3-Day (Starting Friday) ...

Yesterday, as I was cutting my grass, I got to wishing that I had an iPhone so I could file blog posts from the route and from camp whilst on the 3-Day. (That's right: whilst!)

Then I thought, "Hey, if I sign up for Twitter, I can file updates from my RAZR!"

So I created a Twitter page for those of you might ask yourselves, over the course of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, "What Beth is doing right now?"

Most of the time, the answer to that question will be "Walking."

But if something special happens, now I can tell you about it in real time instead of waiting until I get home and writing a blog post/letter for everyone.

Not that Twitter will take the place of the annual letter, but, well, let's face it: The Twitter account is for me. I've become a communication junkie. The thought of going several days without posting anything anywhere was about to give hives.

But now I feel much better.

So y'all come back to this post in a few days and click the link up there (and here it is again) and participate with me virtually.


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